Wednesday, November 21, 2018

HORTENSEinspiration Classics Series~Thanksgiving See

Early on in my life I discovered the joys of passing on. I discovered the thrill that comes from sharing, giving, uplifting, picking up others, laying things down softly. It is quite normal to get upset as long as you get pleased quickly. Be angry but be quick to forgive and faster to forget that which you have forgiven. Give others a chance to make mistakes. Just like you. Imperfect as we all are, striving to do this life right. As correctly as one would allow your human self to be fixed by God Almighty. No life is free from cares, but life is beautiful. Life is worth living. Your life is the only life you have on this earth. Life is precious. This Thanksgiving Day, whatever the nature of your life or however you may feel about yourself, I want to ask you to share your life with others. There is something about your life that can bring joy to another person’s life.
Thanksgiving signals our preparing to wrap up another year. In so doing lets each review “self.” Take a fresh look at yourself. Do you see? In a couple of days we will celebrate a day officially set aside to give thanks. To thank Almighty God first! To thank everybody else for the little or big that they are to you. An official day to just be thankful! An official day to just show gratitude! To just trash ingratitude and ungratefulness. A day to quit complaining, for 24 hours, and be compliant as far as thankfulness go. A day to officially just be appreciative for heaven’s sake! A day to say to one another “Thank you so much for doing this and that or the other.” A special day to declare to God Almighty, “Lord Jesus I thank you for life and everything about my life. Amen.”
One way to express gratitude is to give back of oneself. Beginning with the people right in front of you, start to SEE. See one another. See each other. See people. My definition of SEE means Stop Engage Express. Stop for a minute, meaning separate your focus from on you and put the focus on the other person. Engage the person, meaning take notice of that person enough to pull their focus away from self. Express yourselves to one another, meaning talk to each other about your both lives. Not about other people and events and things. Find out what is troubling or happening with each other. Do this from a genuine perspective. Show that you want to be caring, helpful and concerned. Lend your ears and offer your heart to the other person. Vow that your tongue will snap tight when you walk away with that person’s heart still sounding in your ear. This means what you SEE as is between you, that person, and God.
This Thanksgiving Day may you SEE the people around you. Show gratitude for each other. I am talking about beginning covenant friendships. This Thanksgiving Day trade up from empty friendships and begin establishing friendships that have depth and add value to the lives of each other. This Thanksgiving Day, I am asking you to ditch the “We meet once a year at thanksgiving dinner…” for more meaningful year round relationships. Make a point to exchange telephone numbers with family members. Follow up by actually dialing one another during the year just to catch up and SEE how each other is doing. Thankfully, we live in a great country, America; land of the vast everything. Except that the vast expression of our love for one another is displayed only when tragedy happens or unfortunate circumstances rear its head. It is time to change this. Starting one family at a time, one dinner table at a time let the Thanksgiving Day spirit continue all year round. It’s time to SEE one another. Stay in touch with your loved ones as often as you can. No excuses! Make the time to SEE your loved ones. SEE your family members. SEE your friends. SEE your neighbors. SEE the people you encounter daily. SEE others around you.
Share your life with others. Happy Thanksgiving!

Hortense Duarma Grimes
(Servant Hortense, Do It For Christ Ministries)

"HortenseInspiration Classics" Series of divinely-inspired messages commemorating specific annual celebratory seasons. 
Thanksgiving See (c) copyright 2014 Hortense Duarma Grimes 

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Because Suicide is a Real Matter

This Week is NATIONAL SUICIDE WEEK (September 9-15, 2018)— Because Suicide is a real matter. Suicide is happening one time too often. The alarming rate of Suicide is every shade of painful. We must all find ways to deal with this problem, illness, and everything else which it is. Each of us is obligated to find a way to help end this reality.
Life is tough. Problems multiply by the minute. Frustrations add, subtract, divide, then multiply again and add on more. Disappointments mount daily. Your self-worth takes a dive. People leave you. People stay with you. Love turns sour. Love takes a chill. Love says never again. Friends betray you and foes destroy you. You lose jobs. You lose material possessions. Your life changes overnight. You get sick. You find out you’ve got cancer.
Trouble spends all day looking for you. Your baby dies. Your aged parent gets dementia, your child gets addicted to some weird stuff, your husband finds a younger woman, or a much older woman, your wife gets tired living in poverty with you, your only child drops dead. A powerful person steals your childhood dream. Your best intention does not turn out well. Everything goes from bad to worse. Suddenly, everything than can go wrong seems to go wrong. On top of overwhelming everyday issues, you begin to feel like you do not matter. Then to crown it off, the “voice” starts speaking to you. The voice tells you that you are nothing and nobody cares for you. The voice urges you to end it all and you will feel better.
My friend, does any part of what I’ve said so far describe you one way or another?
Hear me. The devil is a liar. You matter more than you can imagine. You belong here in the land of the living on earth. Your family adores you. You are loved by people you don’t even know admire you. Hold on and hang in there. In fact, stand in there. Many people wish you well. Start talking and getting it off your chest.
LIFE is tough but you are stronger, tougher, and better. You are loved. First loved by God Almighty and loved by all who know you well. People might not tell you how they feel about you, but just know you are special to plenty people around you. Whatever the crisis, we will share it and carry it with you. They call it the Village. Your village is waiting to receive you and all your issue, with love. Bring your brokenness to the table and let’s tough it out together in love. My friend, we are all we each have. We will get one another through this somehow. Don’t leave us now. Stay with us. We all love you. Allow us to show you how much we care.
The issue of suicidal thoughts and suicide is complex. More complicated than the breakdown I just described. But it does not have to happen that way. Help is around. Please SEEK OUT SOMEONE AND TALK IT OVER. GIVE LOVED ONES A CHANCE TO HELP YOU get past that moment.
Please Do Not end your beautiful life. Pray. Cry out to God. Scream and holler. Plead with the Lord for help. Do not think of ending it today. Wait for one more day. And then another. Every day, tell yourself to hold off until tomorrow. And call someone. Call me. I’m serious. Call me anytime, day or night. Wake me up no matter what time of night it is. I will get up for you. And so would many others. That is how much we love you and care about you. YOU MATTER.
Blessings and peace to you, my friend.

Your friend,
Hortense (HORTENSEInspiration Motivation with an African tinge)
~ simplified, heart-written in my Liberian colloquial voice

Monday, September 10, 2018

Monday Morning Pearl

I wish for you the beginning of a different kind of week. One in which your thoughts will bring you solace and laughter. One in which your deeds will bring you satisfaction and your actions will yield success for you. One in which your silence will bring contentment and peace. 
#RaisetheBar.  As I wind down a momentous ten-month stay in West Africa, I think of the way our entire world is today. Negative news, anger and bitterness, arrogant leaders and poor examples of leadership in many places, decline in neighborliness, so much unhappiness globally. Enormous challenges across the board. Do not let the world lead you astray. You lead the way: one thought, one deed, one measure, one person at a time.
It is left up to you. You are the hidden pearl. It is you, my friend, who must make the difference. You must make a difference in your world by beginning to be a positive force in your space, It starts by taking a pause from your “business as usual” manner and forging an unusual method for dealing with the ongoing madness. Because you are so much greater than the prevailing trend. It is up to you to think of outstanding ways to do things differently.
#ReconcileLiberia.  As I wind down my stay this round, I ask myself, why would such a natural wonder that Liberia is be so daunting for most of its people? I could say the same of most all of Africa. The answer and prospect of change lies with you. Allow the pearl in you to shine its luster. 
So on this new Monday morning, permit your thoughts to simmer and stew for a few minutes. How can you make a difference, for real? Ponder this. You could bring a shifting in your space today. When you do, decide to keep that momentum going. I don’t know much about all of it but I do know it has to get better than it is. And I do know there has got to be a way. A different new way. That way begins with love. Love for God. Love for one another. Love for country. Love for humanity. 
God bless you in abundance. I wish for you all that you wish for yourself and all that the Lord wishes for you would come to you. In Jesus name. I love you much with a sisterly love. Stay prayerful.

Blessings and peace,
Servant Hortense D. Grimes
Do It For Christ Ministries

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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Righteousness in the Valley Liberia 2018

DO IT FOR CHRIST MINISTRY Outreach Branches Campaigns and Raids 2018

Operation Righteousness In The Valley
Individual Prayerfest for Liberia by all Liberians who love Liberia
(10 days of strategic prayer) August 22nd – August 31st 2018

It is easy to shout Jesus from the mountaintop. Often, it is in the valley that one’s song is tested. What is the rhythm of your valley chorus? What are the lyrics coming from the depths where you may be? Is it Jesus all the way! There is the breakthrough. Freedom comes with the praise. Liberty comes with worship. Love the Lord even through circumstances that stifle your voice. Shout glory through the chokehold and you would become like hot charcoal in the enemy’s hand. You would be let go. Set free to glorify Christ. Liberia must align with its purpose. Let God arise and his enemies be scattered. When the nation is aligned with its purpose then shall the restoration begin.

 ~Righteousness in the Valley~

Liberians, spend the next 10 days praying for the righteousness of Christ to override the temperament of man (men and women). Liberia must be gloved in prayer and worship. Undergirth the Republic of Liberia with collective prayer. Desperate times call for determined measures—Let Us Pray. In the name of Jesus Christ so Almighty God can hear us. Align the nation with its purpose and the restoration will begin. Amen.

 ~Righteousness in the Valley~

Operation Righteousness in the Valley is a Prayerfest conducted individually. Pray for Liberia if you love Liberian. Go to The Father one on one, no one is watching. Just you and God. Make a commitment to pray for your Country’s righteousness in the valley. Liberia must align with its purpose. Let God arise and his enemies be scattered. When the nation is aligned with its purpose then shall the restoration begin.

Do It For Christ Ministry Outreach Branches (MOBs)
Operation Righteousness In The Valley
Individual Prayerfest for Liberia by all Liberians who love Liberia (10 days of strategic prayer)
August 22nd – August 31st 2018

Do It For Christ Ministry Outreach Branches Campaigns and Raids 

Do It For Christ International has seven (7) Ministry Outreach Branches (MOBs). MOBs have many and varied functions. One type of MOBs activity includes Operating raids and campaigns, tailored to personal spiritual development. 
MOBs Raids are assault missions carried out by the individual, against evil and temptations which threaten personal wellbeing and good character traits. Individuals stand on the promises of God Almighty to achieve righteousness, in Jesus, by discarding the sins which so easily beset you. The purpose is to drive out Satan and his mercenaries from attacking one’s mind and attitude. 
MOBs Campaigns target spiritual integrity, housekeeping and character sanitation. Raids and campaigns are designed to preserve one’s personal spiritual space by being proactive with your faith. Every operation aims to replenish the individual with fruits of the Holy Spirit, arsenals found in Jesus Christ. 
Whereas an individual operates in secret, the heavenly father rewards openly, once again transforming a person’s life. If you move towards Jesus Christ the Lord will move towards you. The end result is that your spiritual territory is refortified with the might and power of Almighty God. Make a Commitment to operate with Jesus.

Do It For Christ Ministries International
Servant Hortense D. Grimes

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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Checkpoint...The Point Is #ReconcileLiberia #RaisetheBar

NO to impulsive actions. Jump NOT at basic first instincts. Revolutions never bring peace along with it. In moments of anger reality gets distorted. The bag of rice never was offered for sale at ten dollars ($10). Just a ploy which incited people to unrest. #ReconcileLiberia

Produce became scarce. Inflammatory language does harm for the hearer and soothes the speaker. Reports of wide scale oppression were false rhetoric. Next thing I know those so-called learned men moving for justice in Africa were plundering for self. Empty coffin and the palaver hut. Imagine a RAID on Lux in Tenebris. Rice riots. Seriously!

Who burns down a century of nation building for a bag of Parboiled rice? Seriously. Work gone down in smoke. Worth gone up in char. Who would decimate a population because of a bag of rice! Cannot climb stairs without climbing steps. No can't do. Really believed thugs would govern better than law and order. From poverty to overnight wealth. Real oppression began. Darkness. Sickness. Uneducated masses. Poverty stricken population. Mattress traded for bare floors: No mats anywhere. #RaisetheBar

Fighters for freedom freely plunder and exploit. Now you know what suppression means. Any more movement for justice? Not so pal. What for sup? Would be nice to afford a decent meal every day! Just one a day would suffice. Come do comedy. This day and age is too serious for play. People burned down a whole country, one hundred plus years of sacrifice and labor to build a nation, for a bag of parboiled rice! Would you decimate a population for a sack of produce? Vast farmlands lay waste. Dormant vitality.

Mounds of garbage. Now that is oppression. Filth breeds filth. Shacks everywhere! Metal doors steel plates iron rods board you in. Oppression takes many forms. Progressive indeed. On a scale of one to ten. Negative one. Depends who is  counting. One hundred and seventy years later. Maybe. Preferences. Can teach you a thing or two. Checkpoint.

Check the point. Checkpoint. The Point Is... Check It.  #ReconcileLiberia #RaisetheBar

(HortenseInspiration Online Publications © Copyright 2017 Hortense Duarma Grimes)

Servant Hortense D. Grimes
Spiritual Motivator and Jesus-gospel Minister
Founder, Do It For Christ Ministries

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Drill To The Beat #ReconcileLiberia #RaisetheBar

The Narratives dominating the land must change. The Hate agenda must be thwarted. Gorgeous Liberia. An accomplished nation and not a failed state. Breathtaking Liberia. A beacon of hope and not collateral for despair. LIBERIA best chance is a reconciled nation of one united people. This is why we must not and can never give up on our Liberia. All good voices blended. Every complaint accompanied by suggestions for solutions. We must drill to the beat: Left. Right. Forward March. #ReconcileLiberia  
Government must provide the environment. Citizens must commit to hard work and diligence in moving country ahead. Lazy people hush up. Hard workers take the lead. All hands needed on deck. All minds focused on thinking progress for one people. Every heritage respected. All experiences relevant. All stories told. Each heart opened to forgive. Every soul ready for reconciliation. #RaisetheBar
Frankly, nobody has been able to tell which came first, the chicken or the egg. Liberia needs all hands on deck to restore the ship and keep it sailing. 

The Republic of Liberia needs the mindset of all her children focused on thinking progress for one people.
#ReconcileLiberia Join the Movement CHANGING THE NARRATIVES #RaisetheBar

Servant Hortense D. Grimes
Spiritual Motivator and Jesus-gospel Minister
Founder, Do It For Christ Ministries

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Friday, August 10, 2018

A Nightly Exercise #ReconcileLiberia #RaisetheBar

God Almighty is big. I most certainly do not have all the answers. I pray my way through life. I hold on to Jesus hand and trust my way to him. This one thing I do know for sure: Jesus Christ is bigger than everything else combined. May I encourage you with this thought, my friend: That big ugly thing called fear is just big for nothing. Fear must not paralyze you. Do not allow fear to disable you. Fear must be pushed aside so we can think straight and reason well. Fear must be eradicated so that, collectively, we can articulate our thoughts and ideas, formulate plans, and chart new pathways for moving our country forward. #ReconcileLiberia

I have a feeling, in Liberia today Satan has devised a new strategy to keep us right where the devil prefers this country to be. A prevailing atmosphere of fear, defeat and dysfunction. Let us pray until every semblance of fear and confusion would run away from our country. Every grip that wants to choke Liberia will dissolve like an ice block placed in hot weather. Every mechanism fashioned to bring this country to its knees will crumble to minuscule pieces. Every hate and hateful agenda will disintegrate beyond recognition. God will arise and scatter every evil machination against Liberia. Let God arise by your prayers to him.
Tonight before you go to bed, say a special prayer that God will have mercy on Liberia. Pray that God Almighty will dispense wisdom and place humility in the hearts of the President and Officials in Liberia. Pray for compassionate leaders to emerge in the Republic of Liberia. Pray for all the people to become god-fearing. Pray for a godly environment. Pray that God will ceremoniously remove the vices that are determined to wreak havoc on this fragile nation. Pray that common sense, love for nation, and fear of God will find its way to the highest offices in the land. Pray especially for the leader God has allowed to rule us this day. Pray for direction of our country. Pray for a transformed Liberia. Then lift up your hands and worship God, for at least three minutes before you say Amen and end your prayer time.
Believers in Almighty God and Jesus Christ, it is in our power to override any direction that is adverse to the will of God for our land. Do not just get discouraged and slow down to a halt. Rise up and lift your voice and watch Almighty God straighten things out immediately. If you do not pray, you are agreeing to whatever wrongs there are. If you do not pray, you have allowed everything to happen. If you do not pray, you have only yourself to blame for anything that happens. So get up and say your prayer. Pray with faith and trust and belief in God Almighty. #RaisetheBar
“Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father. And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.” (John 14:12-14 Holy Bible KJV)
There is too much at stake to remain silent. Use your voice and PRAY for your country, Liberia. Pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Prayer will accomplish everything good. The Word himself said in the Word of God, “Ask me for anything in my name and I will do it.” 
Liberia, LET US PRAY tonight. Amen.

Blessings and peace,
Servant Hortense D. Grimes
Do It For Christ Ministries

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