Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ministry Fundraising Efforts

Anticipating the Spring release of our new book, 'Dynamics', I am attempting ongoing marketing efforts for ‘She Shall Stand’ the first published work from Do It For Christ Ministry. Additionally, if I may say so myself ‘She Shall Stand’ is every person’s story. We can each testify to the unending capacity of God’s grace and love! You and I know that but for the grace of God, life would have swallowed you up a long time. The book is a narration of the remarkable, dynamic power of prayer and the tremendous power of Jesus Christ to those who call him Lord. Hallelujah!

All sales proceeds benefit Do It For Christ Ministry’s numerous undertakings. We are looking, shortly, to expand the Radio and Media ministry to additional markets in Africa. As well as establishing the Outreach Branches throughout the regions. Needless to say, Ministry is expensive and needs much support. Hence my plea. Especially to my Liberians (between you and me your know we don’t like to support one another :)-). But please do it for Christ. Africans must take the lead in any efforts that would bring some form of relief to Africans. Kindly purchase a copy for yourself or for your kids, loved ones or a friend. The book also talks extensively about childhood and upbringing the African/Liberian way back in the days. Pass that on to your children. Let them see how you grew up. Share with them the priceless African family values and structure.

The message of Spiritual Rehabilitation in Jesus Christ, and Renewal of the Mindset is serious business—more poignant now than ever before for the African continent. Jesus is the way. Prayer has the answers. If there is no knowledge of Jesus there can be no spiritual rehabilitation for the people. No Jesus, no permanent renewal of mindset. Every African can agree that what the continent desperately needs is that its people renew their thinking; subsequently, behavior patterns will change. Further, if there is no Jesus there can be no complete healing from the traumas of conflicts, chaos and confusion. Whatever the nay arguments to this truth, it is the Word of God that stands.

I believe what the Bible says. That Book has stood the test of time. That Book has the message that transforms the Human heart where the outward deeds of humans originate. I believe the Word of God. For the word of God says, “That one day EVERY knee WILL bow, and EVERY tongue WILL confess that JESUS CHRIST is LORD...” The fact of the matter is the world will bow today or the world will bow tomorrow. But one day every single living and dead creature that has ever graced the face of this earth will bow and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God. Hallelujah! Every creature in heaven above, on the face of earth, underneath the earth below, will bow and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!

Now, my friend, do you still believe that any completion can exist without Jesus? Help me spread the JESUS message. That message is the only one that transforms the human mind and heart! We need to get it into the heart so that transformation can happen to the entire person. Help me spread the message of salvation. Help me heal the broken hearts, the broken lives and broken spirits with the fixing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Make a small little (intentional usage, Liberian jargon) contribution today by purchasing our major fundraiser ‘She Shall Stand.’

(Please read the next BLOG entitled "Excerpt from She Shall Stand). 

Thanks and God Bless you. 

Servant Hortense Grimes
Founder, Do It For Christ Ministry

Excerpt from 'She Shall Stand'


Author's Note
 I write this book for the sole purpose of sharing my testimony with a waiting world.
Every day mankind waits. We wait for the dawn to break; we wait for dusk to fall. We wait to rise up and begin daily activities; we wait to settle down at the end of each day. In villages, towns, and cities we wait. We awake and wait for something to set our paths in motion.
We wait in hospital rooms for medical results and in schools and classrooms for academic results. We wait for professional results and decisions in offices and municipal places. We wait for deadlines imposed by order and structure in business and commerce. We wait for completion of construction projects; new bridges, new highways, new ramps, new makes and models of automobiles. We wait for necessary adjustments and new inventions and innovations to make everyday living, less complex. We wait for novel technology to handle the ever-increasing demands of a multifunctional growing populace.
The captain waits for the rough sea to calm. The pilot waits for the runway to clear; passengers hold their thoughts as the airplane encounters turbulence. The driver waits in traffic congestions. We wait to arrive at various destinations.
A mother waits for contractions; waits in labor; and waits for promptings during childbirth, after which she is ushered into a lifetime of waiting.
We wait for love, we wait for success; we wait for good news; we wait with bated breath for unpleasant news. People are continuously waiting, life becomes a long journey of "wait—watch and wait—wait and see."
As Jesus tarries, I wait on God to manifest Himself more in my life. I have chosen to tell my testimony. My witness of events in my journey of wait, watch, and see. In this book, I don't promise a philosophical read, an intellectual discourse, scholarly dialogue, or erudite arguments. Instead, I endeavor to share a message of encouragement, inspiration, and motivation.
Until the Lord called me to ministry, I was a private and confidential person who would not easily tell any of her business. The stories of my life were mine—memories, desires, moments, secrets, failures, triumphs, and tragedies. Never in a thousand years would they have been spoken of so candidly before millions. But thanks to Jesus Christ, those events are memorialized in print with the hope that sharing the news of the grace and love of God that shaped my life, refined my existence, gave me purpose and left lasting laughter in my soul may help someone walk and enjoy this Christian journey.
By this approach, I plan to nudge you to release your faith. All of that pent-up assurance needs to burst out and thrust you into living abundantly. A child of God should not waste away in empty existence. There is redemptive hope in Jesus. If God can do so much for one, He can do likewise for another. The way of walking with the Lord is not about rules or rituals; neither is it about perfection. It is not about waiting until we are good, ready, or worthy. No one will ever be worthy before God. Human beings can never near perfection.
We humans were born branded with a sinful nature that makes us do wrong when our intentions are the most honorable. It is easiest to have our way and stray from His truths. It is never about us being good. The human nature is such that we have to strive to do right and depend on His grace to accomplish that. On our best behavior, we are targets for enemy attacks and must be watchful lest we fall into cunning, shrewdly placed traps.
It becomes not about one being faithful, but it is about God being faithful to an unfaithful human being. It's about giving Him first place in one's life and working assiduously to do those things that the Lord has commanded of His children. Slips and slides are forgivable when we catch our bearings and confess to Him, ask the Lord's pardon, and step back into line quickly.
God does not keep a black marker with an endless pad. We never get the exact and deserving punishment. He tempers His justice with His mercy. Nevertheless, intentional slipping and sliding in the faith are not acceptable before God. The Lord does not tolerate sin. Living in sin should never be a way of life. One must not live an uncontrolled sinful lifestyle with intervals of good behavior, bad conduct, good judgment, poor taste. Choose good behavior and good judgment, and walk upright before the Lord. Clean up your heart, that the Lord might have space to dwell. When you carry Him within you twenty-four hours a day, there's a good chance of you staying in check twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
Be quick to ask God for forgiveness, and turn away from paths that cause harm. Rarely do unrestrained options bring about disciplined choices. Be a true Christian, not one who is lukewarm or one who palliates sin. Stand on His Word and fall before Him for help. Ask the Lord to pick you up and keep you propped by His grace. Knowing Jesus Christ intimately leads to a life of triumph, including triumph over sinfulness.
The Lord wants us to turn over our lives to Him. He wants to be involved in every little speck of what happens to His children. Asking Him to participate in every aspect of one's life—actions, thoughts, speech, habits, traits of character—can make the difference in whether one's life is meaningful or lacks substance. Pray about every circumstance, whether it is inconceivable or imaginable. Read the Bible or hear the Word of God. Allow the Holy Spirit to direct your path.
I write this book that the person in the remotest village, distant town, or modern city can see that Jesus fits into their life. No matter the level of your faith, God can meet you at that level. When God's people were hungry in the wilderness, He sent manna from heaven for bread; He sent quail for meat. When they were thirsty, He told His servant to tap the rock, and fresh water came out for the people to drink. God knows how to provide for poor and forgotten people.
Hitch onto the Lord right now. Don't wait to become a so-called "good" Christian—if there ever were such a person. There are Christians who have matured more in their faith than others, but there is "none righteous." Even if one thinks their life is soiled and they have done despicable unforgivable things, try Jesus. You will find that there is no one more forgiving and accommodating. He can refurbish and refinish the most decayed person.
When you lose hope and courage and become broken, He accepts you as you are and then renovates you to how He created you. He molds you back into His intended masterpiece. God never makes a mistake. He didn't make one when He created you. He created you a replica of Himself.
I write this book that the person who knows the Lord and has spent a lifetime in service and walking with Him may find encouragement that he or she is on the right path. Do not assume for a second that you will cruise down easy street. If Christ was persecuted when he took on human form and walked this earth, you will be no different. Take heart; despite the many tools and workers the devil employs, your connection to Jesus has made you a powerful explosive. You will destroy every piece of equipment and personnel the enemy sends your way. Hug your troubles, and watch them be squeezed to death in your embrace.
I write this book that the person who thinks the world is pleasurable and turning to Christ will strip the fun out of their world would know that Jesus is a fun-loving Master. When He's first in your life, there is unspeakable joy. Sad stories turn into comic relief, and you end up laughing at things that would have burned you before. You'll smile without hearing a joke. You'll dance with no music playing; you'll run when you're not in a hurry; you'll jog although you're exhausted; you'll walk fast on days when it feels like you're wearing too tight shoes. You'll say yes to His will without a clue how it's going to unfold. You live by faith and thrive by His grace. Try the man Jesus today and sit back for the ride.
When you began dating Jesus, one doesn't return to old lovers anymore –lovers of self, lust, pleasures, greed, emotions, hate, money, fame—whatever else they were. Hideous characteristics are discarded; the old way of loving becomes stale and outdated.
Once you make Jesus your first love, all other is secondary. The first love captures your whole heart. Other good loves may get slices. Even if those get a whole pie, it's the second-best pie. The first love has the real deal and is the true love. True love aims to please. When you experience Jesus, you live to please Him. When you please Jesus, He fills your life with the right kinds of love.
The purpose of this book is to share the news that Jesus Christ is Lord and He is phenomenal—the unsurpassed gift that's been given to mankind—the present of a lifetime. Discover and rediscover Him. Read the pages and fall in love with Jesus.
When you fall in love all over, could you please tell everyone you meet about Him, Jesus Christ, this new number one person in your life?

 (c) Copyright 2010 Hortense Duarma Grimes

SHE SHALL STAND by Hortense Duarma Grimes
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 *She Shall Stand recipient of 2011 Bronze Award by Readers Favorite Book Review (category Christian Living)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Christian Pledge of Do It For Christ Ministry


Hello my friend.  It is now three days since 2013 rolled in. Hope you are still beaming with joy.
The beginning of the year is a good time to make declarations and decide commitments. What you will do. How you would go about doing it. Your actions. Reactions. It is also good to decide early on where you stand, who will stand with you. And who you will stand with. I wanted to share this with you. May the words of the pledge help you get started. 

Sons and Daughters of the Living God, raise your hands and repeat the Christian Pledge:

 "As of today, I vow to make Jesus Christ first, middle and last. Jesus will be the first person I talk to in all my situations. Christ will be the middle-man in all my negotiations. Jesus Christ will be the last point in all my conclusions. That is my vow. My solemn vow. So help me God. " --DO IT FOR CHRIST MINISTRY 

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Servant Hortense Grimes
Founder, Do It For Christ Ministry

2013 The Year of Surrender

DO IT FOR CHRIST MINISTRY has classified 2013 as the Year of Surrender. Each year designation is determined after prayerful consideration and obedience to the Holy Spirit. Ministry outreach activities over the course of this year will have an emphasis on “Surrender to the Authority of Jesus Christ.”


May you, today, begin a journey of completely giving up yourself to the Lord. Your All. Your Body. Your Mind. Your Spirit. Surrender your life to Jesus Christ.  Amen. 

Servant Hortense Grimes
Founder, Do It For Christ Ministry

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