Saturday, August 2, 2014

Thank You, Stranger Friend

The God of Heaven and earth is indeed a mighty God! In the midst of dismay and even when facing death, hold fast to what you know to be true. As a Christian you know your God is a mighty deliverer!

Dr. Kent Brantly, of Samaritan’s Purse, said in recent interview, “God's going to deliver me from this but even if He doesn’t, I have lived my life for Him and I have no regrets.”

A present-day Christian was starring death in the face because he chose to sacrifice for others, and this is how he summarized the entire thing! WOW. My friend, that is what it is about, when you know Jesus. You may get tried and tested, but you hold on to the faith. And Jesus does what only He, God, alone can do. Let Dr. Brantly’s declaration of faith give us hope and healing as we forge through difficulties, and difficult times of pain, crisis, and death. God is still God. Still Able. Still sufficient for His people. El Shaddai! GOD.

Dr. Kent Brantly has arrived back to his home, the USA. I pause to recognize the good doctor and thank God for his safety, and the chance He now has to receive excellent medical care. It is worthy of recognition because, in his healthy and wholesome days Dr. Brantly remembered others. He remained behind in Liberia, amidst a crisis, to provide better medical care for sick and ill-stricken strangers, Liberians. When he could have easily returned to his country along with his young family. He desired and wanted to help others! The good doctor trusted that His God is going to deliver him. Christians, we are called to love your neighbor as yourself.
Let’s get praying that God will continue to bring healing and relief to Dr. Brantly, Mrs. Writbol, and all the victims of this Ebola crisis, and the many other disasters. Let’s all pray that the Lord would have mercy on all of us, the entire world. That same God is able to deliver all those who place their trust in the resurrected Jesus Christ who died on the Cross.
My friend, it may sound like a broken record, but at the end of the day this fact is true—IT IS ABOUT YOUR SALVATION.

Servant Hortense Grimes
Founder, Do It For Christ Ministries
(Born and raised in Liberia, West Africa)

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