Thursday, August 16, 2018

Checkpoint...The Point Is

NO to impulsive actions. Jump NOT at basic first instincts. Revolutions never bring peace along with it. In moments of anger reality gets distorted. The bag of rice never was offered for sale at ten dollars ($10). Just a ploy which incited people to unrest. 

Produce became scarce. Inflammatory language does harm for the hearer and soothes the speaker. Reports of wide scale oppression were false rhetoric. Next thing I know those so-called learned men moving for justice in Africa were plundering for self. Empty coffin and the palaver hut. Imagine a RAID on Lux in Tenebris. Rice riots. Seriously!

Who burns down a century of nation building for a bag of Parboiled rice? Seriously. Work gone down in smoke. Worth gone up in char. Who would decimate a population because of a bag of rice! Cannot climb stairs without climbing steps. No can't do. Really believed thugs would govern better than law and order. From poverty to overnight wealth. Real oppression began. Darkness. Sickness. Uneducated masses. Poverty stricken population. Mattress traded for bare floors: No mats anywhere. 

Fighters for freedom freely plunder and exploit. Now you know what suppression means. Any more movement for justice? Not so pal. What for sup? Would be nice to afford a decent meal every day! Just one a day would suffice. Come do comedy. This day and age is too serious for play. People burned down a whole country, one hundred plus years of sacrifice and labor to build a nation, for a bag of parboiled rice! Would you decimate a population for a sack of produce? Vast farmlands lay waste. Dormant vitality.

Mounds of garbage. Now that is oppression. Filth breeds filth. Shacks everywhere! Metal doors steel plates iron rods board you in. Oppression takes many forms. Progressive indeed. On a scale of one to ten. Negative one. Depends who is  counting. One hundred and seventy years later. Maybe. Preferences. Can teach you a thing or two. Checkpoint. #ReconcileLiberia #RaisetheBar

Check the point. Checkpoint. The Point Is... Check It.  

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