Thursday, August 16, 2018

Drill To The Beat

The Narratives dominating the land must change. The Hate agenda must be thwarted. Gorgeous Liberia. An accomplished nation and not a failed state. Breathtaking Liberia. A beacon of hope and not collateral for despair. LIBERIA best chance is a reconciled nation of one united people. This is why we must not and can never give up on our Liberia. All good voices blended. Every complaint accompanied by suggestions for solutions. We must drill to the beat: Left. Right. Forward March. #ReconcileLiberia  

Government must provide the environment. Citizens must commit to hard work and diligence in moving country ahead. Lazy people hush up. Hard workers take the lead. All hands needed on deck. All minds focused on thinking progress for one people. Every heritage respected. All experiences relevant. All stories told. Each heart opened to forgive. Every soul ready for reconciliation. Because,Frankly, nobody has been able to tell which came first, the chicken or the egg. Liberia needs all hands on deck to restore the ship and keep it sailing. 
The Republic of Liberia needs the mindset of all her children focused on thinking progress for one people.

Join the Movement CHANGING THE NARRATIVES #RaisetheBar #ReconcileLiberia

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