Thursday, August 2, 2018

Freedom from the Green-Eyed Monster

Off the many societal ills amid I cannot help but notice “something” of which I would like to sound an alarm. The something has its grip woven tightly around the many it has embraced. That something is festering in hearts, lives, and personal outlooks. It appears the something is spreading uncontrollable through hearts, homes, neighborhoods, communities and cities. The something is destroying individuals and families, friendships and relationships. Left unharnessed, that something promises to become a social epidemic of enormous proportions, especially in budding habitats. #RaisetheBar
Each person has a responsibility to search within you for signs of that something and to stop it dead in its track. If you find it sneaking into your person, do not allow it to proceed any further; squash it.

Jealousy, the Green-eyed Monster, steals into the soul and gnaws away at the fiber of a person's being. It quickly becomes consuming and in a short period it will envelop the entire self. Jealously is a hideous characteristic. It is a vile emotion. It never results in good. It destroys what little good it finds. Jealousy is deadly—it attacks to destroy. Jealousy is pompous—it overrules its environs. Jealousy is sloppy—it acts, and reacts, without reason or reasonable thought.
Jealousy resembles two common arthropods, the centipede and the millipede. Both centipede and millipede (commonly called “thousand-leg”) are invertebrates. Invertebrates are animals that have no backbone or spine. The centipede is nocturnal, predacious, fast moving, carnivorous and venomous. The millipede has a characteristic to spew poisonous liquid through microscopic pores on its skin, as a defense mechanism. Jealousy fits those characteristics of both of these animals.
Likewise in your human weakness, whether by lack of integrity or unwillingness to stump vices, have you allowed the emotion of jealously to possess you? Jealousy becomes a dark stain on the soul eating away your joy. It quickly spreads and pours toxin into you. If you just happen to hear good news, see good results or note progress in the lives of others you suddenly angrily release that toxin against them. Does that sound like you, my friend?
When jealousy, the green-eyed monster, enters a person’s being that person is no longer the same. The monster chips away at whatever decency you may possess, crawling around freely on your character. That monster speaks repetitiously until it becomes the only voice you hear. Jealousy has the ability to make a person say something bad about every “good” thing. It blurs a person’s vision and leaves you shortsighted: you see only as far as your enviously-ridden lenses. Is it you, my friend?
After jealousy has stayed with you for a while, it gets married to its silent partner "hate" and both cohabit in your spirits. When you consider any situation you reach a negative conclusion, every time, and react accordingly. You have mastered the art of going against your good conscience and your better judgment. Decency, loyalty and honesty become a thing of the past. Order, ethics, effort, and value in other people's lives mean nothing to you; you pretend to see only despair. Your mind is closed to others and greedy “for —me, myself and I—self, self, self.”
The jealous person has programmed their head so that anything that is not about them—productivity, effort, and especially the success of others—must be squashed, ridiculed, ambushed, thwarted, distorted, decried, snubbed, or twisted. Hate rears its ugly dominant head. Are you sure it's not you, my friend?
Jealously eats at a person’s being. It makes you angry; angry people bite. Happy people terrorize you and immediately you advance to defense mood. Does it injure you to see joyfulness in the lives of others? Wounded people tend to wound. Are you constantly finding ways to inflict hurts on others? Do you enjoy making others squirm? Have you forgotten that hate wounds it wearer? It’s been said, “Misery loves company.” Do not allow yourself to accompany misery.
Have you learned to control your tongue? Do you speak poorly of others because you are too bitter to applaud someone? Did you realize that when you speak poorly of another, you are giving a poor assessment of yourself? When you thrash the name of another you are telling that you are too little to see the big in that person. You are saying aloud, to everybody listening, that you are too small to see the large in things and people around you. Let's hope it's not you, my friend.
As long as you live the standards will always be set: high and low, good and bad. There will always be people who fit either one. Where do you fit? What are your standards? Do you have any standards? What's your measurement? How is your yardstick calibrated? Did you set those standards? So why are you not happy with the results? #ReconcileLiberia
Jealously can be a measure of a person’s inadequacies. Are you greatly upset because someone dares to be “different” from you or “standing above” you? Well I've got news for you: There will always be someone standing higher than you, standing lower than you; richer than you are, poorer than you are; stronger than you, weaker than you. There will always be someone more beautiful than you, less attractive than you; classier than you, more ordinary than you … and the list goes on.
My friend, here is consolation for you: all human beings are created equal in the sight of Almighty God. It is time to see yourself as God sees you. You are a person made in God’s image. Do you think enough of yourself to be happy for yourself? If not, do something to fix whatever it is that makes you unhappy with you? Are you satisfied with your life? If not, why are you dissatisfied? Do something about it; something positive that will change yours to a fulfilled existence. Can you find it in you to appreciate yourself for the person you are? Can you love you?
Maybe this will help you! See yourself as God sees you! God sees you as a person worth dying for, and Jesus did on the cross. You must be special. Free yourself to love the special you! Ask the Lord to help you get peacefully to the status you want to reach. Remember, every time you hurt someone with acts of jealousy, you block a blessing from coming to you; because you never know who's bringing the blessings the Lord is sending your way. God uses all His children as messengers, on this earth. 
You are what you are; you are a sum total of all your character traits. If that "total" does not please you, ask God to give you grace and sum up a new total. While you're at it, ask the Lord to give you Peace and fill your heart with Contentment.
Ask Jesus to help you get back to that person He created you to be. Pray and ask Jesus Christ to strip you off those vices that have overtaken you. Fast and pray and ask the Lord to forgive you and fix you. He can remove those ugly bad ways that you've possessed. Only by God's grace can you become a better person. And the good news is,That Grace is Free to all. Our Lord stands ready to clean the page. He wouldn’t even remember how you used to be. The old ways will be thrown into oblivion. You’ll get a fresh start!
Call on Jesus. He has paid the price for every sin and all our stains. All you have to do is ask Him to help you accept His freedom. When you free yourself and let go of ills, you would become all that God created you to be. You will enjoy all that God has in store for you. You will enjoy the freedom of a pure heart and clean hands and a resultant incredible life. 
Do not forget: Search within you for signs of jealousy and stop it dead in its tracks. If you find that green-eyed monster sneaking into your person, do not allow it to proceed any further; squash it hard. Squash jealousy out of you. All you have to do is ask Jesus and trust the Lord. You would be set free and victorious. And your blessings will flow in your life.
("Freedom from the Green-Eyed Monster” by Hortense Duarma Grimes © copyright 2012 HortenseInspiration Soul Provision Series.)

Blessings and Peace,
Servant Hortense D. Grimes
Do It For Christ Ministries 

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