Friday, February 1, 2019

Perplexed, Help Me Understand

HORTENSEInspiration~ I Just don’t get it. Help me understand this.
Most Liberians do not want non-negroes as citizens. Most Liberians cannot tolerate Lebanese, Indians, and other nationals who consider themselves Liberians and have no desire to reside elsewhere; they have lived here for generations. Most Liberians hate that Lebanese are doing big businesses in Liberia and are the majority significant business owners.
As a reward for the hatred and scorn often dished out Liberia gets rewarded grandly. In return Senegalese. In return Nigerians. In return Ghanaians. In return Guineans. In return Malians. In return Burkinabes. And more. All of these “of negro descent” are invited and encouraged to come and do business and enjoy Liberia. Most Liberians know these fellow Africans have no heart or good intention for Liberia. My grandmother, Bigma, always reminded me, “...You want all You lose all.”  Be sensible in your wanting. Make fair analysis. Use good judgment. Do we really know what we want? Don’t you think we need an ally? I think we most certainly do. The devil you know is better than...
I believe 1000% that if Liberia becomes more open and receptive to the Lebanese and non-negro foreign nationals living in the country we would not need to be worrying about Burkina Faso loans and borrowed jet planes, Senegal fishing permits, Ghana millionaire investors, Guinea bitter-balls and pepper, Nigerian poultry farms and cement. #ReconcileLiberia #ChangingtheNarratives #RaisetheBar
The helpers Liberia needs are already in Liberia. Adjust their status and grant them residency, creating a path to full citizenship for Lebanese and other non-negro nationals who were born in Liberia or have resided continuously for decades. Grant Permanent Residency (Green Card) and Citizenship. The same benefits you petition, parade and fiercely advocate for in predominately non-negro countries in the western world. It is the right thing to do. Stop the fear tactics.
If I had a say, I’d ask you to take off the harmful blinders. Those people will not take all the land. Those people have been here way long before the new Asian demi-gods of today. If you see what I see, the land is already being taken by this new wave of non-negroes who really could care less about your national wellbeing. Besides, God does not like ugly. God abhors ingratitude. I think it is a sad day; it’s becoming a sad day everyday for the Republic. Lord have mercy. Open the eyes of the blind, God Almighty, that we may see differently. Me my part I have passed the stage of too much plenty talking for selfish interest. So should you. To Whom It May Concern ~~HortenseInspiration

Blessings and peace,
Hortense D. Grimes

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