Thursday, March 14, 2019

Pray, Global Citizen

~~The World has become a Global Village. Physical boundaries and land mass designations no longer isolate members of this Global Village. The phrase, “we are one people” might as well be the slogan for our times. The Global Village is hurting in many ways. Global citizens are hurting one way or another. When a country mourns, the world should mourn. When tragedy strikes one part of a whole, the whole is struck. Every global citizen can make a difference with your voice. Every voice can bring healing if the words coming forth are soothing.
Use your voice to pray. Prayer is a balm. Prayer heals. Prayer uncovers hidden answers and offers different outlooks. Prayer is restorative. Prayer can make sense of anything and everything.
Pray for Presidents and Heads of State of all countries of the world. Pray for Leaders, Government Officials and decision makers worldwide. Pray for the President of the country where you reside. Pray for the President of your native country.
Pray for the United States. Pray for the ruling establishment. Pray for the White House. Pray for the Naval Conservatory. Pray for the US Capitol. Pray for the Congress. Pray for the Senate. Pray for the Judiciary. Pray for the Supreme Court. Pray for the Military. Pray for Law Enforcement. Pray for the Media, both liberal and conservative sources. Pray for the networks, radio stations, satellite and cable news. Pray for your favorite channel and other outlets. Pray for the Media worldwide. Pray for the information entering your psyche. Pray for your subconscious absorption of content. Pray for discernment. Pray for all the good powers that be. Pray against evil manipulations.
This is not about politics or preference, if I may add. Absolutely nothing to do with political party or affiliation. If anyone cares to know, I am for whoever is in the Oval Office. The Office and its Occupant hold my loyalty and prayer support until they leave that space. As long as that person controls the Switch I am their prayer warrior every day until they turn over the Switch to another. I then transfer with the next occupant. Simple as that.
As a Christian some choices have already been made for you. The Bible says to “Pray for leaders and those in authority.” God did not qualify this instruction with specifics, neither does the Lord make it subjective to affiliation. The Word simply commands us to pray for our leaders...and honor the king. “The Word was God and the Word is God.” The God of the beginning who is God in the middle and will be God at the ending simply commands you to pray. The same God says “obedience is better than sacrifice.” Fear God and keep his commandments.
At the end of the day what one does for Christ sake is only for one’s own benefit. God wants you to pray, because the decisions these leaders make trickle down to your little precious world. My friend, it is in our own best interest to pray about happenings in the Global Village and particularly your little dot on the map. Where you woke up this morning. Where you are now, as you’re reading this, pray for that place. Pray for those leaders in your dot on the map.
The Global Village needs her global citizen to rise and pray. Amen. It is imperative that you pray for the most powerful nation in the Global Village. I dare say, one cannot be hateful of something and genuinely be praying for its benefit. Prayer means you care. Hence, the emotion of hate must fade for the emotion of caring to initiate your prayer. In the end, let no one and no situation stop you from obeying God’s Word. As Christians we are called for and often asked to do the difficult things. God makes it easy to oblige. It’s called submission to the will of God. It’s called Divine interpretation. It’s called God’s grace. It’s called living for the glory of Almighty God.
My friend, these are not times to stay on the surface. The times demand you go beneath what appears as face value. Open your hearts and mind to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. When one is in Christ you have more insight than the non believer average person. Stay tuned in to Scripture and allow the Holy Spirit to convict you about events and incidents. There is a desperate need for prayer in the world today. It is serious. Christians take up the mantle of prayer. It is urgent. Your prayer can make a huge difference. Your prayer can cover a multitude of transgressions. Your prayer is what the World needs.
Enjoy a terrific Thursday. God loves you. Jesus died to show you just how much your Heavenly Father loves you! Take courage in Christ love for you. Be comforted. Blessings abundant today and always. ~~
I love you with a sisterly love 💕
Your friend, Hortense

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