Monday, February 27, 2012


When, miraculously, I stood in the face of the Lord on August 1, 1999, Jesus Christ anointed my head, and said, “… to speak to the hurting people; specifically, people on the continent of Africa; you must share a message of self-rehabilitation and renewal through Jesus Christ.”
Following that divine encounter, Jesus gave me a vision for what Do It For Christ Ministry must achieve: Construct Spiritual Rehabilitation Campuses in the four corners of Africa. The Flagship Campus must be built in Liberia, West Africa. On these campuses, four (4) buildings dedicated to methods of spiritual rehabilitation, will be housed. At each campus God’s “hurting people” would be motivated about the Power of Prayer; Obeying the Word of God; and Guidance by the Holy Spirit.
My life is dedicated to fulfilling God’s calling. I go about this astounding responsibility in faith, knowing full well that the Lord is more than capable to supply the means to achieve the end. We have set a goal for construction to begin in 2014. Initial estimated cost is $15-20M. In God’s divine economy that money is already available. I believe God has partners on earth who will facilitate His Vision. In my humanity I have embarked on fundraising for the task and am taking a Tour Message to the world.
One of our fundraising efforts was the release of She Shall Stand. The book substantiates the message and emblem of the ministry, giving life to the power of self-rehabilitation in Jesus. When you purchase a copy you are making a contribution. The book is available in digital format, including B&N nook and Amazon kindle, for $7.99.  All proceeds from eBook sales go towards the Flagship Campus.
Help me build the campuses for Jesus. Help us establish an environment that rehabilitates lives, restores broken people, and renew mindsets.  (visit and read Tour Message.)
Please share this with your friends, family, churches, social groups, philanthropists, Christians, and people who want to make a difference. Share it with the world. Thank you.
God bless you.
Servant Hortense Grimes
Founder, Do It For Christ Ministry
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LIBERIA GOING FORWARD: a Hundred-Thousand-Voice Prayer Chorus
To Liberian Christians: You have a silent weapon. Use it. That weapon is Prayer. Take it out of storage, from its hiding place, and use it vigorously. It is time to act. That action is PRAYER. The Lord is waiting to hear more from us.
I want to provoke you to adopt the Noon Prayer Campaign. Imagine what would happen when a collective voice is “sent to heaven daily at the same time asking for the same thing.” If you are moved to do so: Join the hundred-thousand-voice prayer chorus. Every day at twelve o’clock noon, say the prayer:
“Father God, I thank you. I ask you to forgive my sins. Please restore Liberia and heal our homeland. Lord, please renew the mindset of all Liberians. In Jesus name. Amen.”
Picture this, my friend:
The Lord sitting on His high throne. Angels bowing before Him. Heavenly choirs singing beautiful anthems in His presence. The breathtaking musical is ongoing. Suddenly in the distance is heard a muffled forced-rushing sound. Jesus pauses to listen. A special smile breaks out on His face. He tells the angels, “it is the Liberian voices-they are paying their daily homage to me.” He continues listening, and smiling. Then he says, “I will move for them. They have been faithful in their prayer.” 

Servant Hortense Grimes