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I Feel Like Preaching True True Truth...

Over the last several days, I have been following and participating in a Facebook thread relating to a recently published writing, “Children of A Lesser God” by Mr. Henry Mamulu. The Facebook comment-conversation continues to be insightful. Mamulu’s Article is profound, passionate, and provocative. I like the piece. It triggers all types of reactions from readers. The ongoing discourse spurred a sermon in me. Always, the Servant of God must be bold, truthful, fearless and kind—all at the same time. Here is a long one from me. If you have the time, take a good reading. Blessings! ~~Servant Hortense

#ReconcileLiberia. July 29th 2018. I FEEL LIKE PREACHING. This early Sunday morning, Lord Have Mercy!
The current thread has gotten unbelievable in the kinds of venom it has uncovered in some people. Profoundly and meticulously as I work toward wishfully getting Liberians pointed in a direction of real reconciliation dialogue, I struggle to determine where do we start. If we can find a starting HONEST point, the real conversations can begin.

The problem I’ve found repeatedly, is that the “other side” does not have nor do they desire a starting point. By the other side, I am referring to those Liberians who feel the Congau people (Americo-Liberian descendants) are not Liberian enough and therefore not entitled to having a history like every other human being. Only they, the self-proclaimed “Indigenous Liberian” should have such a right to a history. Furthermore, that Indigenous Liberian has the liberty to spin any and all kinds of tales about the years of Americo-Liberian rule; however, God forbid, Congau should so dare. In present day Liberia, it is largely wished that the Congau must bury their tales. Any attempt to relive their reality and personal Liberian experience is silenced by insults, bad bad cussing and dirty cuss words, inhumane treatment, death threats, and more. Extreme threats, of annihilation of an entire group of people.

By the way, 99% of Congau people alive today are mixed with non-Congau blood. Intermarriages and interrelations took care of that long time since. Being Americo-Liberian is firstly, descent by blood. You are Congau, if you can trace your genealogy and any or all parts link you to at least one of the new passenger/arrivals on ships operated by the American Colonization Society which transported returned slaves to Africa, after the abolishment of Slavery in America. You are non-Congau if you trace your genealogy and no part can link you to at least one passenger/arrival on those ships. Congau is a large group, and largely unrecognized number of Liberians that should be counted as the seventeenth tribe, if tribalism is a requirement for being Liberian.

Not only is Congau a bloodline, heritage and natural lineage, it involves other definitions. Congau is an upbringing. Congau is training and nurturing of a mentality. Congau is a mindset. Congau is culture, class, decency, self-discipline, disciplined cultured behavior and temperament, nuances, diction and phrases. Congau is a system of conducting one’s life. Congau is a kind of style and class; classiness not seen much everywhere in today’s Liberia. Congau is flair; a you got it or you ain’t got it personality. When Congau enters a room you know it, you hear it, and I dare say, you can even smell it and feel it. Congau is many things, a myriad of attributes. Congau is a way of life. Congau is a unique expression and carrying of oneself; posture, statement, ambience. Congau is relative to environment. Congau is comprehensive.

Congau is a beautiful awesome way of life! Congau is a presence. Congau is present and we are here to stay. In Liberia, if we so choose, or anyplace else we so desire. Black America honor and cherish their slave ancestry. Liberian Congau are doing so and will continue likewise. Congau will remain present in Liberia. Congau will not die out or be wiped off the face of the Republic of Liberia. It is impossible to erase all elements of an Establishment.

Let me get back to track. I QUOTE” “…No point in trying to educate heartless morons. Wait for the next savage upheaval in Liberia to wipe out their future generation, totally. Then Liberia will finally be at peace. How did Native people ever allow such wickedly evil people to step on African land. For real!! ... END OF QUOTE.  These are words I read on the thread related to the article.

All rights to freedom of speech and expression being considered. Notwithstanding, that a human being would express such thoughts, because another human being wrote of their experiences, brings me to silence. Even in apartheid South Africa that tirade would be repulsive. Nevertheless, mentioning a memory of death often would call for a moment of silence. Likewise, whenever fundamental truth is established one must ponder its ramifications by a moment of silent thought. I am silenced by the expressions in such narratives. Albeit a temporary silence. I wake up. To remain silent is to hush my ancestors’ voice.

The quote represents what most self-proclaimed Indigenous Liberian believe is the solution for the anarchy Liberia has today become. True or false is factually debatable. The self-proclaimed Indigenous Liberian believes that for Liberia to thrive again the Congau people must be killed out of existence. Essentially, they are saying the same group of people synonymous with Liberia’s long gone glory days (by all accounts worldwide and Global proclamations) must now die, murdered away completely, for the present day now disintegrated nation to thrive. There’s a big grammar English word for this kind of scenario.

May I submit to anyone listening and the world at large. Sadly for those so wishing, the descendants of Congau people are going nowhere no time soon. Not going anywhere! Americo-Liberians are secreted in the national soil and immersed with the sand. Their DNA is etched in the sandy grains of the Nation’s concrete. The ground tucks their blood, sweat and toil. The Congau forefathers gave their everything for their country, Liberia. Americo-Liberians give their all. Their all still speaks.

The undisputed fact remains this: Prior to 1822 there was no place on earth called by the name Liberia. The land mass referred by the world as the country, Liberia, was established when freed American slaves returned to Africa, land of their ancestors, looking for a new home, far away from life in slavery. And they discovered such a one. They, the freed slaves from America. “Give to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s.” The Settlers, as history often refers to them, established a country and name it Liberia, to commemorate their freedom from the evils of that Era of Human Slavery in America.

These men and women had ENDURED the atrocities of being a slave, traded like cattle, and treated worse than animals. Essentially, they were considered non-human beings. They overcame. Those Overcomers translated their knowledge and experiences, gained from centuries of captivity, over 246 years, to form, nurture, establish, maintain, and preserve a space to call a Republic. They toiled like brand new young vibrant energetic slaves, this time for themselves. They died by the droves. The ultimate sacrifice, all for the experience of freedom for themselves in their new found home. Imperfect it may have been. A shred of imperfection should not discount the entire human being. The self-proclaimed Indigenous Liberians are no less flawed.  

The great America, from where the slaves had returned, was not perfect. Africa, from where their own forefathers had traded them off into slavery, was not perfect. The world all around was not perfect. Not by a long shot was any place on earth even close to perfection. Several World Wars and global Revolutions proved a grossly imperfect planet. It yet remains so to this day. The Americo-Liberian rule was imperfect. Europe was imperfect. That Columbus discovered America is still imperfect history. The globe is strewn with imperfect nations and their imperfect beginnings. Native America has yet to declare wiping out Columbus’ discovery. Let me leave this here.

The history of Liberia will forever, and ever include the most significant part, the portion about this country being indebted to the freed slaves, the Americo-Liberians as the founding fathers of Liberia. I submit to all self-proclaimed Indigenous Liberians that history cannot be rewritten and remain history. Whenever legacy is pronounced historical facts are researched. And legacy confirmed. There is no indigenous Liberian more than the Americo-Liberian. To call oneself a Liberian is to acknowledge that you are from that place discovered by the freed American slaves who are indigenous to that name. Otherwise, one must call oneself by another name. Liberia was a name given to a country established by returned freed slaves from America, back to the land their forefathers had sold them from centuries prior. The self-proclaimed Indigenous Liberian must know this.

What I have found in today’s Liberia, is a culture of illusion versus reality. If reconciliation means the Congau people descendants must be killed off Liberia, then there will never be reconciliation in Liberia until Jesus Christ return in the clouds. God Almighty will not sit still in Heaven and allow such annihilation to happen.

Listen up. Indigenous Liberians means ALL Liberians. Each with a different experience. All experiences relevant. Self-proclaimed Indigenous Liberians cannot rule Liberia by themselves. This is a fact which is yet being unfolded minute by minute. Simply, you do not know how it started so you cannot finish it. Furthermore, until you do the research on the origin of it you will not know how to continue it. Let alone maintain it. Hence is the problem. Administering, effectively handling and properly managing the affairs of the country requires efforts by all Liberians. There can never be a glorious land of liberty when hatred is the order of the day.

Even the freed slaves engaged the people they met. The freed slaves embraced their “relatives” (it was the same relatives’ ancestors who had previously sold the returnee slaves’ ancestors into slavery). Now the descendants had come back home to join them. What. What! This is where I’d say, who came first, the chicken or the egg? “Can we all just get along,” I hear them saying! And both groups formed a friendship and partnership. And great imperfect human beings forged collaboration. And the journey began. And the journey continued. Imperfect though it was. Until the idea took evil footholds. … Not this time. The idea does not stand a chance. Not ever again.

Wickedness begins with minute thoughts that grow into small ideas until the brain gets overrun with more thoughts and ideas. All evil. 

This is my last piece on this FB thread. There is a Bible verse that says …

Thanks for enduring My Sunday Sermonette. Almighty God Bless Us All. Do enjoy a beautiful day of the Lord.  ~~Servant Hortense D. Grimes (Founder, Do It For Christ Ministries)

Blessings and peace,
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