Thursday, November 25, 2021

Intentionally Register Your Thank You

Wonderful world. Beautiful people. How are you doing!!! I pray you are staying strong and holding up well. You are never alone. Almighty God is on your side. Jesus Christ absolutely loves you. Invite the Holy Spirit as your constant companion and travel buddy everywhere you go. There is much strength in that well deep inside of you. Draw from it and persevere. Keep looking up. God's got you. You already know that I love you and think the world of you.

DEAR AMERICA. When you gather to feast this afternoon, pause and say out loud what you are most thankful for. Speak for God Almighty to hear his glory in your mouth. Words matter to our Heavenly Father. Don't just give generic thanks. Be intentional with your thank yous and thanksgiving. Let your voice be registered in the Throne Room today, by all means. Say "thank you" until Third Heaven hears it loud, passionate and fierce.

My friend. Whatever the last 365 days have delivered onto your plate you've received with outstanding strength, bravery, courage and determination. This is why you are still standing up til now to celebrate THANKSGIVING DAY 2021. Scripture say, "Rejoice in the Lord always, and again, I say rejoice."

My friend, hear me. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, by his death and resurrection, have granted us access to a Mighty Magnificent Force which have absolutely no rival and no match...THE GOD OF HEAVEN. There is none that can compare to Jehovah God when you choose the way of the Lord. For this alone amongst everything else, I salute my God.  The Everlasting King of Glory.

I pray these words this early dawn:
Dear Heavenly Father, Lord God Almighty, in Jesus name I bring my life daily as a sacrifice to be poured out for your sake and to do your will. Receive my praise today, yesterday, tomorrow, day after tomorrow, day before yesterday, forever, into the Ages. Thank you Heavenly Father on this symbolic day. Every day is thanksgiving day to a God who art perfect and excellent in all your ways. I love you Lord. You continue to amaze me minute after minute. You see beyond me. You lift me and carry me in your arms minute by minute. You shield me every second. You uphold me every day. You bless me moment by moment. You love me beyond measure. Me Hortense... You love me like this much!!!!!  My Father. Bless your people today. Whisper to their hearts that You are the main focus of a day like Thanksgiving Day. Let them see You, not the foods and the Friday deals. Just you Lord. Only you first and last. Only You. If it were not for Jesus Christ this evil world would have finished us off before today. But your staying hand of mercy has brought us thus far. THANK YOU LORD GOD. To you be glory and honor. In Jesus name. Amen.

My friend. Tailor your own words in prayer and tell Jesus. Profusely thank God. Be lavish with your thanksgiving words to the Lord.
Enjoy your day. I love you always. Blessings abundant.

Servant Hortense (~HortenseInspiration)

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Seasons and Climate Belong to God

 ~HortenseInspiration SUNDAY SERMONETTE

Wonderful world. Beautiful people. This is the day the Lord has made. We should all rejoice and be happy in today. Greater is he [The Christ] that is in you than he that is in the world. We are blessed to be alive. Jesus Christ loves the you God created. Trust the Heavenly Father's plan. I love you. You are always in my prayer.

My friend. There is nothing God cannot do, but we must participate by doing HIS Will. We are the creature. Almighty God is the creator. Yahweh stood outside of creation to create the universe. God created creation! Hear me. When did God give mankind the  responsibility of saving the planet from extinction due to climate change? Who put mortal man in charge of ensuring the world remain as it is. Who in the world gave human beings control of recreating Earth to last forever? Have you forgotten how BIG GOD is. How vast God is!!!!!!. Your gigantic life is a just a breath of his nostrils. The Word tells us all man appear like grasshoppers to God when he looks down from Third Heaven where he sits on his throne, perched above the universe. The present day new regulators of time and seasons, climate and environment, upon the earth must have forgotten how big God is. May I admonish you. Don't you ever forget this: GOD IS BIG ENOUGH.

Finite man has elevated himself to be like Infinite God. Mortal man now decree that himself, mere mortals, must speedily manufacture immortality. Mankind says man must save man and save the planet. Mankind screams to mankind that present day climate change is a crisis requiring the creative hands of mortals. Oh mankind. Troubled you are. Man is but foolish. The sheer arrogance of the puffed up mind of man. The overinflated ego of the human spirit. The unlimited destructive dosage of pride. The power of darkness and its potency to consume the full man.

Who in Hell came up with the sideshow to destroy mankind one crafty agenda at a time. Mammoth the spirit. Yahweh warned us we cannot serve God and Mammoth; you will hate one and love the other. God and Mammoth cannot coexist in your life. The pitiful part is you end up hating the one who loves you, God, and love the one who hates you. You've chosen to detest God and love Mammoth. In return for your  he rewards you with the spirit of rebellion. When one chooses Mammoth you have chosen to love the one who hates you passionately. Did I tell you mammoth is a demonic spirit, the Devil himself. Yes. Our same archenemy Satan is mammoth. You've chosen to hate the Only One who loves you unconditionally.  You hate God your creator. The love of capital Money is the capital Root of all evil.. So you rebel against the Lord God Almighty. Mammoth makes you a  slave to rebellion in return for your loving him over God. What a reward. Soon you begin to think you are equal to God. You rebel against Yahweh.  LORD HAVE MERCY.

Ah ya ya!! Hooh!!! Human beings have become so conscientious and informed, intelligent and supernatural. They now want to be like God. Placing time and season upon the earth like God did. You whose life is like a vapor now want to stop the earth from disappearing. Who told you, mankind, the earth was going away? Where did you, mere mortals, get this idea from. Who convinced you, mankind, to implement a master plan to save the planet from extinction? Who else but Satan would make up endless crisis to send the whole earth crazy. Nobody else but the demonic spirit of hell infiltrating willing mankind to act like God and disturb the peace of humanity. God is not a God of confusion. The Devil is a liar, a thief and a murderer who desires the entire world attention. Satan wants to make creation bow to him and discredit Almighty God. Why would so many go along!  What rebels mankind have become.

The last time we heard of somebody who rose up in rebellion because he wanted to be like God... We all know how that story ended. Instant replay anyone? Stubborn people. Human beings… Mankind. What an obstinate people we are. Never is there good ending for those who rise up and play God with the lives of God's creation made in his own image and likeness. Yahweh is jealous you know.  Read your Bible. Pray. Read your Bible again. Pray. Cry mercy. Repent.

Mankind which is frantically scrambling to end climate change and keep the earth in its current state must have been there when the foundations of the earth were laid. Apparently they've lived through the many dispensations. No wonder human beings have tasked themselves with fixing the earth. Mankind will tell the ocean where to stop by going to Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto and hosting conferences on those orbits. Maybe mankind has solved eternity puzzle by building another tower of Babel. Who knows! Maybe God did not stop them this time. Now everyone can see straight into Third Heaven. Mortals want to be like God. 

In my Liberian voice let me tell you something: "The thing that's running behind you you can't see it by looking in front; slow down small and look behind you then you will know how fast to keep running."

My friend. Find Jesus now. We are in for a bumpy ride. Straight from here to eternity. Satan has purposed to sift humanity. Sin has mastered humanity. But ALMIGHTY GOD IS FAITHFUL. We need to turn our eyes to "the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the end". Yeshua. You need Jesus Christ. You need the Holy Spirit. You need the mercies of a loving Heavenly Father. You will need bail out money, the currency is called THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB SLAIN from the foundation of the earth. You need to stand covered with the Blood of Jesus.

Otherwise, Mankind, your NAME (the same name you are known by in the realm where you play God to frantically go about ending climate change) will be blotted out of the Book of Life. Mankind. Those people whose names Jesus blots out quickly end up in the Lake of fire. This is ultimately where rebellion against God the Father ends.

Whatever disguises Satan uses to corrupt the heart and mind of man God Almighty can dismantle with immediate effect. To anyone who is rebelling against God or  thinking you are like God or playing God. All is not lost if you repent. The Blood of the Lamb covers you. Jesus loves you. It is the sin that God hates, never the sinner. Almighty God loves you just as you are if you would come to him. This world has become worse than we've every known. Turn to Jesus today. 

READ YOUR BIBLE. All over the world we are watching Satan's end game in full scale playtime. It is the desperate attempts of an ferocious enemy who knows his time is short. The Devil is playing all the cards in his deck and shooting every arrow he has. Do not continue to engage life without Christ.  JESUS TO THE RESCUE. Jesus Christ is the rescue operation God has in place.

Much love from my end. Enjoy a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Pray always and be at peace in the Lord. We will be just fine. Trust the Jesus plan. God bless you in overflow.

~Servant Hortense

Liberia and her LiberianLebanese Twin

Sunday Morning, October 31, 2021

LIBERIA. Your helpers are already by your side. The helpers Almighty God has positioned, to bring wealth, recovery and sustainable partnership, are right before your eyes. It is only a foolish people who would deny the strategies of Almighty God.

A covenantal people reside in your midst. Liberia disdains them as foreigners. Look again at the "foreigner"  in your midst. Rethink the "foreigner" in your midst. They are of a mindset of tremendous, adversity-defying rebuilding. See their land of origin. Absorb how suddenly they are able to build up. Time upon time. They construct dust and debris to buildings, skyscrapers and cities.  Their rebuilding  tendencies are a marvel to  behold. We see a glimpse of it right here in the country. The blessing and deliverance of Liberia is connected with this people. Jehovah God keeps all his covenant.  (Genesis 17.  Deuteronomy 2).

Almighty God has sent the lifters Liberia need. Let not pride and arrogance, blind hatred and the evil eye of jealousy block the blessings disguised herein. For example, because of that same covenant one group, religion aside, has made even desert sand land to become a livable architecture wonderland. Doubtless.

My friend. Do you see where I am trying to take you? Are you, too, not a covenental people through "Salvation". Are you, too, not Abraham's descendants and of justification by faith? Does not the Lord God Almighty keep his covenant with you? Projecting emotional hate baggages and rejecting a blessed remnant from in your midst will not inhibit their prosperity. There are principles to walking in prosperity. Do not spend a lifetime fighting covenant prosperity. Add your own covenant blessedness. And assemble at the Economic Table for a meeting of like minds. Build a nation.

The Lebanese people in Liberia (many of which are born and raised here and/or have spent their entire lives here) you so boldly demean as "those foreigners" have a God sent role to play in this country, Liberia. Our national destiny is conjoined with this issue. The sooner we, Liberian people, begin to ponder and envision with a spiritual eye, the better we will understand. When we recognize the enormity of God's divine merciful planning the beginning of the rise would have  started for Liberia.

Liberia. Stop looking all over the world begging "Non-Negro" people and countries for help while at the same time adamantly denying "helper" status to prophetically placed non-Negro people living in the world that is your country.

Liberia. The earth has entered a new era. We are living in the signal of the times that will usher in the End Time. God is requiring that mankind do business God's way. Hear me. There are not genuine new helpers coming forth for Liberia. The list of users and self serving partners will only get longer. Common sense could let you know if you reject one "non-negro" people" the other "non-negro" people already know you feel the same about them. At this point it becomes, you use me and I use you, and I will abuse what you bring to the table.  

The helpers Liberia need today were strategically placed in our country long before Liberians knew we would need massive help. These helpers have paid their dues triplefold. They have exhibited loyalty to the land. As for perfection, we all know there's no such reality. Human beings come with all kinds of flaws. Personalities comes with knots and warts and bumps and lumps. Liberians included.  It is a good school of thought that one should only consider  those lofty standards oneself could achieve. Perfection is an illusion. No mortal attains it. But for the unending grace of God there go you, me and the rest of us. There is a way to begin the tremendous task of rebuilding of Liberia. All hands that exhibit love for Liberia come on deck. Absolutely, all hands. Liberia. Rethink the "Foreigner" in your midst. Allow me to say this, Liberia!  Face inward.

May I add. Jehovah God upholds his Word on earth, in Heaven, in the heavens and throughout eternity. Gods word is God's integrity. The Word of God is final. The Word of God will not change to satisfy the evil desires of man's heart. We have a heart condition in Liberia. It swallows the whole human being. Rise above. When in doubt study Scripture. Ask God for revelation as you read the Bible. Your natural eye has outlived its usefulness to Liberia and yourself, wherever you are. Ask JESUS to open your Spiritual eye. Then you will see.

When you see... You will now see. I love you, my people.
Blessings and Peace today and always.

~Servant Hortense

Friday, October 29, 2021

Divine Immunity is Available

DEEP ANOINTING EXERCISE (See Blog Post March 23, 2020). Ultimately, Almighty God has the final say in all things. Trust the Jesus plan: Salvation, Abundant life on earth, Eternity with God the Heavenly Father. Christ lives! Everlasting Life.

Wonderful world. Beautiful people. How are you this morning? Happy Friday. The joy of the Lord Jesus Christ is strength...Your Strength. Embrace it. Be reminded about the power of our Heavenly Father. Sovereign God and Creator of the Universe. 

Enjoy life. Have a peace full of joy kind of day! Much love from my end. Blessings overflow. 


Servant Hortense  (DO IT FOR CHRIST Ministries)

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Nostalgic Moment

FOR LIBERIA PURPOSES... "my people yur mornin ooo" (translated Good Morning, People)

Liberians were once a most awesome people in Africa. We were among the classiest. Our country was known as "little America," symbolizing how civilized, cultured, tidy, educated,  and sophisticated its people were. We were proud of who we are. We were not perfect but we were in a class all by ourselves.

Liberia was the envy of other places in Africa, because of the peace and serenity the environment in the country offered. Monrovia was prime vacation destination for other African travelers. Liberia was the expat community destination of choice in West Africa. Europeans especially were fascinated by our beautiful warm climate. America sent Peace Corps who would integrate so well as if they were born there. The Republic of Liberia was undoubtedly a gem in Africa. Even our enemies would agree with that.

And oh my gosh... Liberian people had it going on!  You could spot a Liberian out of any group of people. Something radiated off of us. Liberian men were the kind of gentlemen you'd want to marry; kindhearted, responsible, loving, good providers and career driven. Liberian women were a sight to behold; very loving, beauty, poise, elegance and style all wrapped into one. We shattered the mold of the stereotype African women. Liberian children were happy and childhood lasted its full duration. Nationwide there was a healthy reverence for God Almighty. Prayer time was synonymous with family time.. The country was fine, flaws and all. Life here was good. Whatever the debate this is factually indisputable.

The Republic of Liberia was a force to be reckoned with. On the international scene Liberian diplomats were revered in foreign countries, commanding a dignified respect by their counterparts. The Liberian Presidency were compatible with world leaders across the globe, astute and ably representing the Republic. Perfection is an illusion. No mortal attains it. Absolutely no system could ever acquire it. A perfect government is a nonexistent and impossible aspiration. Our government worked and delivered for the Liberian mass population.  Liberian legislators were brilliant, hardworking and illustrious. Long story short, around the world we were a recognizable lot. Any day any time you could be proud to be a Liberian. 

I speak herewith about "the Liberia" I know. The country where I was born and raised... The Republic of Liberia before the ghastly April 12, 1980 Coup d'etat.... It is what I term The First Republic. 

What had been can become again. That Liberia can exist in some form again. We can do this. Together we can accomplish a better Liberia. Where do we start? Those that are coming will meet those that are there. The glue is that both meet and merge. TOGETHER. 

And you? And you. And you? And you too!!!! Yes you.  To that Liberian person, or person of Liberian heritage, PRAY first. Then think about your new part to play about Liberia. 

Much love from my end. The Lord bless you in overflow. 

~Servant Hortense (DO IT FOR CHRIST Ministries)

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Is Navel String Pulling You

Good Wednesday morning to you! Wonderful world. Beautiful people. Stay prayerful. Stay safe. Stay close to Jesus Christ. Almighty God loves you. The LOVE of your Heavenly Father is enough to carry you.

Liberians everywhere, "How your doin this morning?" The pull of navel string won't let me leave this Liberia business alone and mind my own business. Huh. Is Liberia my own business? I guess you can run but you can't hide! Well, what can I say. Navel string? DNA.

WE Liberians must shift our Prayer strategy. Because a handful think the place is all right does not matter. Who cares what a tiny segment of mostly wealthy thieves think! Until the place is habitable and peaceful for entire public consumption it is NOT FINE. It is NOT all right. It must improve drastically. Prayer can settle this once and for all.  

Hear me: Do not just pray for Liberia by saying soft prayers. WEEP IN  REPENTANCE. PRAY and INTERCEDE in WARFARE PRAYER. Cry out to Almighty God FOR DELIVERANCE. Ask Jesus to BIND THE STRONGMAN Satan. Revival needs to sweep over our country and turn dark clouds into stars shining everywhere! 

My people, the answer is when we storm the streets of Montserrado in PRAYER: SACKCLOTH AND ASHES Prayer. Pray the Capital City back to life and the rest of the country will surrender. It can be accomplished. 

The power of navel string just won't let me rest from this pull on my heart for Liberia. I am happily living in America but my navel string, buried all the way in Careysburg Liberia, unhappily tugs at my heart daily. I picture Liberia in my mind's eye every day! With tearful eyes I pray daily Lord deliver Liberia! For some reason I cry for my country every time I reflect on it. My tears cost too much to be wasted. The pull of navel string! What about you, my friend? How does the pull of navel string treat you? Do you cry many times like me? Talk to me. Where is your navel string buried? Tell me about your navel string pull.

People let us PRAY. The land hollers for her children to set her free! And Jesus the Christ waits to free us from sin. ALMIGHTY GOD the DELIVERER waits to stretch his mighty hand. But we keep on acting unready. Liberian people "your not ready yet." When we get ready God will MOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE for Liberia and the Liberian people!  

Much love from my end. The Lord bless you more!

~Servant Hortense (DO IT FOR CHRIST Ministries)

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Just Another Neighborhood

 (Duarma Books & Publishing) 

EXCERPT* ~"... The spilling of human blood has consequences from the Creator of human life. When murder overtakes a country it goes downhill from there. One ill-advised day of innocent bloodshed, April 14, 1979, in the Republic of Liberia led to a bloody coup d'etat ending Liberia, the First Republic. 

Continuous bloodshed, and a bloodthirsty Military rule begin in Liberia. Four years later the dictatorship changed to declared itself a Democracy. This ushered in the Second Republic. It's bloodthirsty mantra continued, giving rise to an unbelievable horrific reign of bloody terror called Liberian civil war. 

This ghastly period saw the  annihilation of half a million Liberians en masse. Almost 500,000 Liberian people were wiped off the face of the earth for absolutely no reason at all. The most bloody period in Liberian history. There were bloodbaths everywhere. Innocent citizens were slaughtered just for the thrill of it. Blood and skulls and bones littered the streets and sidewalks, villages and towns, cities and settlements. This period, too, ended when a Democracy was again declared. 

 Mass killings were stopped. The Second Republic continued in peace as we are told. Peace is everywhere, we constantly hear. The country is very peaceful we are led to believe. Does peace only mean the absence of rebels and child soldiers toting guns and riffles? I am not so sure. There are different elements to peace.

Evil is everywhere. Liberia is not exempt. There have always been murders. There was innocent killing for ritualistic purposes (Heart Men). There were passion killings, accidental deaths, mysterious disappearances and strange deaths. Where human beings exist sin and depravity exist. There is as much evil as there is good in human society. Sanctity of life means nothing to some people. This is why law and order and justice and security are tenements of good governance. Fundamental to the existence of any government is its ability to protect and offer security to its citizens. 

As wicked as "heart men" times were, who would believe it could be topped! Back then there were rumors and we knew the heart men by names. So we could run and scream and hide when we saw their cars. In Cape Palmas Maryland County, where I grew up, they called it "bojo people". Again, there were rumors and we could run and hide when we saw cars and names associated with being bojo.  In today's Liberia heart men and bojo people are play play business. In today's Liberia broad daylight killing is almost normal. Law and order is often silent. No protection for the people, it would seem. No security for the citizens, one could surmise. Murderers  have open season. "Come and remove" appear to be the invite.  Governance calls it "No foul play detected" and says not another word. Dead hush silence! More blood added to the blood cry suffocating the nation. Liberia weeps daily. Liberia laments with bitter tears. 

And the Creator of mankind who is the God of Judgment looks on. That same creator is our Heavenly Father. Would not a loving father ask after his childrens innocent blood cry? 

Who are the killers roaming the streets of Monrovia? The real killers whose deeds terrify the toughest heart. Who are the killers turning brave people into faint hearts begging for their lives?... "

~Servant Hortense


* "Montserrado" by prolific writer and award-winning author Hortense Duarma Grimes... coming soon)