Monday, June 21, 2021

Jesus Christ Conquered Death

Please take a minute and read posts from this page. I work for you, people of God. I struggle in intercession for us all. The articles often are excerpts from the many books I've written. I am working on releasing several for publishing soon. In the meantime, we have arrived in urgent times so I post segments on social media to hasten delivery of content to God's people. To help you stock your arsenal. Be equipped by taking some from here, some from there, some from everywhere good. And build your own supply. Get ready for what is already here. If you live on earth the signs of the time and events equally should concern you. Look to Jesus and pray more.

May I advise you. Go deep into the things of God. Dig deeper into the teachings of Scripture. Pray for revelation to rightly decipher what the Bible has forewarned since humanity began.  We have arrived at END TIMES. The signals are everywhere. Take note. There are activities that happening on earth which have never occurred before. Players are already seated. Prayer is the only action which can prepare you for this new era. People, please, please, pay attention to signs, signals, seasons and events. A lot is going on around us. The normal that was before COVID Pandemic is not returning. Never. The casualness and general innocence of that era is now relegated to past tense. Lift up your head and see. Everything has shifted. Overnight things will shift again, and again. And again. We have arrived at the beginning of what is to be the End Times. PRAY. READ THE BIBLE. Call on God. Run to safety in Jesus Christ. Jehovah is God from beginning to end, first and last.

God's love or reject God's way, the devil, Satan, will employ. Ultimately Satan the devil is after your soul and will use any and every route to get you. Here's the secret: once you are aligned with Satan he has no further use for you and leaves you alone. Until you decide to leave his way. The tormentor is after you. Believe it. Know the game. Learn new strategies to not fall victim. Fight for yourself. Fight for your loved ones. Fight harder, especially for the ones who cannot see to fight for themselves. Carry them until they see.

Upgrade your walk with the Lord. Upgrade your devotion to God. Grow spiritually. Mature fast in the things and ways of your Heavenly Father. For Satan, death is the last man standing. Jesus Christ conquered death. It is the way back to forever with the Heavenly Father. God. In Christ you live forever with God the creator. But life can sometimes be shortened before its time. Length of days can be manipulated to suit the whims of an evil adversary, Satan the devil.

Stand on the powerful words of Scripture: “With long life will I satisfy him and show him my salvation.” This is what the Almighty God, Father, Creator, Redeemer, Savior, Lord, Master, Jehovah Elohim has to say in his Word. The WORD of God came in flesh that we may become sons of God and followers of the Christ. This means we have the power to regulate many things. How about forming resistance to the wave of early deaths, accidental deaths, premature deaths, tragic accidents, mysterious deaths, sudden deaths, freak accidents, maternal mortality and more? Announce today, in your space, that it stops with you. Hear me. We will all leave this earth one day to return to our maker. May it be only at our Heavenly Father’s, God timing. Declare today that no evil spirit of death will shorten your life. You will live until Almighty God is ready to call you home. Not a day sooner. Pray the same for others.

My Friend. On the earth today we are in a battle of good versus evil: God Almighty vs Satan. Choose your side and comply accordingly. If you want to be at peace and enjoy harmony. Choose God Almighty in the name of Jesus Christ if you want to be victorious over all things. Anything that does not align with the principles of Christ is evil. Anybody who rejects Jesus is evil. Anybody who says they believe in God and disdain the principles of Christ does not love God and is evil.

Utilize PRAYER to halt some of the raging madness.

You must begin to resist evil by praying. Please know RIP is not a cute comment to be quickly written about people. This can be a tool of Satan, an abomination the devil enjoy seeing you perform. Your family, friends, loved ones and people are dropping dead every day, while you're waiting to quickly clutter Facebook with RIP and tears emoji. Resist in prayer instead. Get on your knees and fight back. Resist today. Stand on Scripture. Learn how to READ THE BIBLE AND PRAY GOD’S WORDS BACK TO HIM.

Much love from my end. 

~Servant Hortense 

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Next time I Fall in Love... Birthday

June Fifteenth Has Come Again... Heavenly Father, I thank you for adding another year to my life. Thank you Lord for bringing me to see another birthday! Take all my praise. Receive all my worship.

My birthday is my personal holiday. I take the day to a whole new level. I love my birthday! I celebrate me. I celebrate all the “me” there is. I celebrate the many sides of “me.” Hortense, the imperfect child of God. Hortense, the fun-loving forever young at heart. Hortense, the serious woman. Hortense, the dancing African girl. Hortense, the comedian to her loved ones and friends. Hortense, the eternal optimist. Hortense, the daughter, sister, friend, relative. Hortense, the mother to my children I did not birth. Hortense, the servant of the living God. Hortense, the spiritual motivator, who sometimes tell it just like it is, with the hope that rehabilitation would take root wherever the message fall. Thank you Holy Spirit! Hortense Duarma Grimes, the visionary for Africa, determined to change the narrative about Africa where it errs, and striving daily to shift mentality on the African continent. Hortense, the patriotic Liberian woman on a mission. Servant Hortense, an ordinary woman called by the Lord and assigned an extraordinary task for Jesus. Hortense, the obedient follower sold out to Christ.

It was not always this defined. Thank God for Jesus and the power of his anointing. Thank you Lord for the privilege of prayer in the name of Jesus Christ and a Jehovah God who answers prayers!

Now to the other birthday message. I love music. I especially love to dance. God knows this side of me and I think he’s working on it still. When I hear good music it’s as if my whole body goes into dance mood immediately. Secular or gospel, I will dance with the same enjoyment when I hear songs I like. In my Liberian voice, “dancing that my own ooo.” Yesterday evening, I made a quick run to the store. The overhead music was playing a song I had not heard in years. Rarely do I listen to secular music at home. I once used to dance away every Friday evening to oldies and Saturday mornings to African vibes. That time seems like a lifetime ago. One gets more involved and patterns evolve, interests change, old habits die and new habits form. Life happens as we grow older. But, in that store this evening hearing the fantastic voices of Peter Cetera and Amy Grant singing, “Next time I fall in love, uh uh uh uh uh uh, next time I fall in love... it will be with you,” got me into shaking my head and smiling! Music from the 80s and 70s was what music is supposed to be. In my opinion, at least. Those words are exactly what I’d say to my younger self. The self that didn’t always define herself well enough. The self that did not always know how much one should love oneself. You only have one life! You only have one you! You pass this way but once! Own your space and love you. Peter and Amy are so time I fall in love it will be with me. You have got to love you first. It had better be the same for you. The Bible says  to “love others as you love yourself”. This means to love yourself first and love others equally. Nothing more, nothing less. Only God should come before you.

Cherish the many facets of you. Love everything about you. Fix what needs adjusting. Patch up the places age and wear and tear run down. Keep a level head. Protect your space. Guard the perimeters of your life. Be happy. Stay happy. Understand contentment. Smile as often as you breathe. Laugh, and laugh out loud when it is that funny! Create wonderful memories of life. And you had better PRAY. Know God Almighty. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Make space for the Holy Spirit to infiltrate your mind and thoughts and pierce your heart. Appreciate every day you are alive. And then PRAY. Pray! If you’ve never prayed before, start today and right now. Pray more.

My friend. If you’ve followed me you would know I testify to the goodness of God every chance I get. My birthday is always testimony galore! I reminisce from where I’ve come and I spring ahead to wherever the Lord is taking me daily. The journey so far has been fantastic, to sum it up. Because as for God his way is perfect! This time, next time, all the time…I fall in love it will be with me, wining over life by the sheer grace of God. Jesus and I walking together, making life a beautiful journey. I am blessed. I am blessed. I am so blessed. 57 come on and let’s tackle another 365 days. The world is waiting!

In a few  minutes it will be June 15th. Let me go into my prayer chamber and fall on my face, prostrate before my Heavenly Father, in the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus, and welcome 57 years into my existence. Happy Birthday, Hortense! Enjoy every minute. Uh uh uh uh uh uh !!! 

I love you my friend. You’re in my prayers.

~Servant Hortense


BONUS READ. The below message was written to celebrate half a century on earth. I thought it might be nice to repost it. My motto remains the same. If you like the motto it might just work for you as well. Enjoy from me to you.

HI Blog Post of June 15, 2014 

I WELCOME 5050! Welcome to my world, Fifty! I hope you are ready for me as I am ready for you, 50. I plan to give you a run for your money. I hope you are ready for a fierce partner. Together lets be fierce! I plan to fiercely live and love. Fiercely worship God. Fiercely serve Jesus Christ. Fifty(ies) I do not plan to sit you out. I intend to dance every single day of my life. Mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually—Oh what a dance it will be.

In the last hours of yesterday, I danced half a century away. I danced into being the beginning of the second half century of my life. Truth be told, for a long while I didn’t think I would live to be 50 years old. With a grateful heart I say, Thank you Lord for keeping all your promises to me.” I’d been dancing all night; beginning repeatedly with, “I’m Amazed (Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir). Concluding with one of my favorites, and my theme song for 50, “I Hope You Dance” (LeAnn Womack). I’ve played this song over 20 times this night. Woohoo!

Several years ago, I made my peace with shoulda coulda woulda—all my missed moments. Firmly putting all the uglies of life to rest. I realized no amount of hell or hell bent hearts would make me lose my wonder. I embrace passion, love, dance, joy, song. I’ve been given a chance to sit it or dance. Guess what(!) I choose to dance. I agree with LeAnn W. May you never take one single breath for granted. When you stand by the ocean, please do feel small. I guarantee you when one door closes God will open another. Just know that when you give faith a fighting chance, God leaves you breathless! Dream big for yourself. The path of least resistance wasn’t intended to make you settle. Take those chances and translate them into captures! This thing called loving might not always turn out happy. But never, never, not take the chance to experience love. Whenever you find your heart’s been broken, no matter how many times…ditch the bitterness. Love comes around many times…God is love! My friend, don’t you dare sell out—Always reconsider. And because heaven is above and Jesus Christ resides there…always keep your gaze up! That’s where help is.

My friend, I’ve been given the chance to sit it out or dance. You know what I’m choosing! I chose to dance. That’s how I began ushering in my 50th birthday today—dancing.

The Praise-a-Thon of my final Countdown to 50 climaxed with the song “I Get On My Knees” (Nicole Mullen). I prepared for prayer time by singing the hymn “My Jesus I Love Thee.” Hymns are my thing, you know. The hymns transport me into a place of deeper worship. Immediately, I fell face down on my knees before the Creator of heaven and earth. In thanksgiving, I honored Jesus Christ for the gift of this milestone birthday. I worshipped God for who He is. I thanked the Lord for the gift of life—every aspect of my life. I am blessed that I could welcome my 50th birthday, alone, on my knees. When midnight rolled in I was laying prostrate before the King of Kings, welcoming 50 into my world!

I do not intend to sit it out, not once. Life is too precious. You should embrace your life, too. Join me friends, (and foes too if there be any out there) and make your life a celebration. Celebrate the beautiful you that Jesus Christ has made out of nothing. You are here; right here, right now. And you are a child of God! It does not get any better than that. Thank you to my wonderful circle of friends, you know yourselves. You make this journey fun. Thanks to family, loved ones, acquaintances, children of God, you make life a pleasure. Thanks to those who encourage and inspire me to continue the work I try to do, you make HortenseInspiration happen. Thanks to the strangers and the passersby, you too have a place. We are all God’s children—we need one another more than we recognize.

In closing, let’s each be one another’s keeper. Live large, and it has nothing to do with means or much. It has to do with heart—live with a large heart! Love much. Forgive more. Laugh often. Pray always. Don’t you dare sit it out. Go Dance!

Blessings galore.

Hortense Duarma Grimes

June 15, 2014


Saturday, May 29, 2021

Reminder to Pray Strategically

Wonderful world. Beautiful people. HAPPY SATURDAY Night! I pray you are doing great.

FROM ME TO YOU...My friend. It is serious that you pray the Strategic Warfare Prayer I released recently. Please know I do none of this ministry in my own strength. What is being constantly poured out of me only come by divine anointing, divine revelation and move of the Holy Spirit. Mine has been a tedious growth process and total commitment in the Lord. By the sheer grace of God. The signature type of ministry and ministering is what has emerged, and still emerging, from an intense surrender to the ways and methods of the Lord God. Sinful and wretched as I am, but sanctified by His grace and allowing the Lord to use me in God's kingdom, for such a time like this. To help people everywhere become more aware and stronger in faith and belief. To encourage you to upgrade your Christian behavior.

AND... Especially to my hard-head, hurt-head, Liberian people, your please pray this prayer. I know us, we don't take nothing serious! We got to try better.* Seriously. Say the prayer. Repeat the words. There are strategic language and particular words that must be used in warfare for effect. Let’s learn how to PRAY to counter. We are overcomers in Christ.

These are the days of Noah upon the earth. Evil is everywhere finding you. There is the ARK...Jesus Christ. You must know how. I love you.

Your friend, Hortense

REMINDER... Please say the "Strategic Warfare Prayer" (HortenseInspiration) prayer. Repeat these specific words in your prayer. Pray it over your seed. Hold your grandchildren, youngsters and toddlers by the hand and pray this over them. Cradle precious babies and infants in your arms and pray these words over them.

~Servant Hortense

* indicates local Liberian jargon. 

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

For the Sake of Your Seed

Strategic Warfare Prayer (~HortenseInspiration). PRAY... SAY THESE WORDS AS WRITTEN IN THE PRAYER.

"Our Father, I soak myself in the Blood of Jesus. I take Divine immunity from every pestilence. Show me your Glory of protection that I may escape the arrows flying by today. Enter the fiery furnace with me Lord Jesus. Soak me in your precious Blood, from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet. Divine Immunity. Divine Immunity. Divine Immunity. In the Name of Jesus I overturn every judgment against me. I cancel every eviction against me from my place of power against principalities. Holy Spirit perfect my prayer that it may reach the Throne Room where sits the Judge of all the earth. Judge the wicked, O God of Heaven and earth. From your lofty heights judge the rulers of darkness. Judge the powers of the air. Release me and my seed from the bondage we are constantly wrapped in. Break the ties that hold me captive. Separate me from the grip of the evil one. You are mighty to deliver, O Most High. Let the earth swallow the evil thing that purpose to swallow me and my seed. The Lord is my Lord. Lion of the Tribe of Judah shut the mouths of the wicked ferocious roaring lions all about me. I soak in the Blood of Jesus. I pray for grace to persevere. Holy Spirit carry me to the place of power and victory in Jesus. I dip in the Blood of the Lamb slain from the beginning. The Blood. The Blood. The Blood of Jesus. Seal me in the Blood, O precious Redeemer. I take immunity in the Blood of the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of my earthen vessel. I declare I am free. I declare I have escaped. I declare my eyes be opened to see the Glory of the Lord as the waters cover the earth. I float above every evil waters. I am protected by the Blood of Jesus. I am safely in the Ark of Christ. Jesus the Christ. Thank you our Heavenly Father. I love you Lord. All this I pray in Jesus name. Amen." (Hortense Duarma Grimes)

Hear me, my friend. Say this prayer. Share with your sons and daughters to pray it and pray it over their young children. Hold little babies in your hands and declare immunity upon their lives. Gesture with your hands, taking them back out of invisible hands which that have snatched and received them. We are in spiritual war. You must learn how to fight spiritual warfare. The days of innocence are long gone. Buckle up in prayer. Know and upgrade your Christian behavior. Now! Now. Timing is critical. Learn, my friend. Learn the deep secrets to warfare prayer. PRAYER CHANGES EVERYTHING. I love you. Here's sending God's amazing peace to calm your nerves and draw you into a special fold in Jesus' arms. Enjoy a beautiful day! 

~Servant Hortense  (DO IT FOR CHRIST Ministries)


Sunday, May 23, 2021

Pentecost Sunday 2021

Power in the name of Jesus Christ shall come upon you! Hallelujah. Many Christians are powerless because they have refused to allow the Holy Spirit to penetrate their lives and dominate their walk with God. You can fix that oversight now. Pray to the Lord God Almighty and ask the Holy Spirit to come and dwell within you. Happy Pentecost Sunday! Your power is when you receive the Holy Ghost. 

Saturday, May 22, 2021

This is Personal Today


In a few hours, today I will bury one of the loves of my life. It is time to say goodbye until tomorrow at Jesus feet. Whether it was me, a fresh JJC (new arrival) in America. Or me, the young lady struggling to find my way in love matters. Or me, the grown woman navigating life, career, marriage, decisions, grown folks issues and the complexities of life. You were there. 

From the days when you came to my room bearing armful of your own sweater collection, some had the Nordstrom tags still on it, the most gorgeous men sweaters, to shield me from the cold. I wore them happily. You literally gave me the shirt off your back. You would pick me up from everywhere at night so I would not have to travel on bus and train. You constantly told me, "Duarma, I don't want you to suffer in this country". I write this crying my heart out for the last time. My dearest darling cousin. You made family seem like the easiest, most perfect bond. You were so so good at it. You were absolutely great at it. The gem our family was blessed to own. You were one of a kind. I summed it up by naming you "Cou Sin". It was simply cousin with exhilarating emphasis on the second syllable. You are irreplaceable. You were unique. You loved well. Gabriel!

Last night, talking with my mom, your Cousin Janetta, she reminded me how you would send warm socks for Bigma's feet, whenever you were sending Cousin Jerusha parcels. A young student in America, no doubt struggling to make it, you would think of your Aunt Texxy. The stories are endless. What is most astounding is that everyone, your relatives on all sides, have the same, multiple stories of love. Imperfect as we all are, you and us, you showed us all what perfect love should look like. Our gratitude is forever. We will carry on your legacy of love. You see, Cou Sin, you did exactly what they modeled for us. Bigma and her loved bunch of siblings. Uncle John (Dewalt), Uncle Borbor (Blackett), Uncle Cousin Bro Charles (Nance), Aunty Sister Babygirl (Nance-Ezeagu), Uncle Bor Archibald (Nance), and the youngest of these first cousins-siblings, Cousin Jerusha (Blackett). They left us a model to follow. Bigma, the eldest of them, proclaimed that love is the way. She said in her family there are no first cousins but brothers and sisters. She decreed love and love above every thing else. She taught them to be responsible for one another, and what's for one is for all. They lived it out for us all to see. And Junior, Cousin Jerusha's son, was the epitome of the legacy this awesome group of ancestors left for us to model.

Gabriel has left us. My own self Cou Sin. I wipe my tears now. I thank God for the cousin he blessed our family with. A relative like none other. Cousin Jerusha need our prayers. We will cover her.

Cou Sin. I'm nursing a broken foot, but you know it's not stopping me. In a few hours I will hop down to Washington, D.C. to the church and see you off. We will sing Aunty's song, "Trust and Obey" and send my great-grand aunt Agnes Blackett grandson back to her, trusting and obeying God's word that love conquers everything, even death! My little heart is broken in pieces.

I remember everything you've been to me, Gabriel. I know how you loved me from start to finish. You loved me like a brother loves a little sister. I know. You made sure I did not suffer in America. The stories of your intervention to see me survive and thrive in this country are too many for paper. I made it because you were there to steer me and show me how. Thank you. I am glad you knew how much I loved you and how much you meant to me.

Gabriel Reginald Duncan. I love you. I will always love you.

Martu, Cousin Jerusha, Nester, Jimmy, Texanna, Tatyana, Alexus... God will bring solace in this grief. We all love you. We are here. Gabriel's legacy is love. This is what we celebrate most.

Cou Sin. Let me quickly finish getting ready. I can just hear you saying, "you girl you ain't ready yet!" And you would laugh and patiently wait for me. They call it Gabriel love and I know all about it. Sleep on my darling... I will always love you. Even death knows this. I will always love you. Rest eternally.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Hush the Juvenile Behavior


NIGHT WATCH... Hallelujah! Holy Spirit, help me tell it. MERCY MERCY MERCY LORD HAVE MERCY.

If you are not spending considerable time in prayer and reading the Bible, then you DO NOT KNOW what is truly happening. While you are emotionally charged up with a single topic narrative your life is being switched off. Will the narrative even matter at that point? No. It is not nor was it ever about your race. Nobody cares that much for any racial groupings. You are not that special or important. Only God thinks that highly of you.

Remember the time of the tower of Babel? God came down to see what man had done. And God scattered mankind for the wickedness they had conceived of by wanting to reach Heaven their own way. The Bible says, "My people perish for lack of knowledge." Your choice to be ignorant of the realities around you will bring you to perish point.

Pastors. Wake up and begin to condition your members. Tell the congregation truths. People will collapse from shock if they have no knowledge to enable them to cope with reality when it strikes. These are like the days of Noah. We have entered a very dark season on the earth. Darkness everywhere. Wicked world.

NO. NO. NO. It is not about that word “Racism” or your being integral enough to warrant destroying America in order to validate your presence. You are only a useful tool. Yet you are too emotionally charged to see straight. Disengage. Disconnect from the TV. Find your secret prayer spot and wear it out.

Satan does not care about you except to steal, kill and destroy you. Your common sense and critical thinking ability have already been stolen. Your consciousness has been killed. You are forever destroyed when you lose your soul for all eternity. Wake up. My Liberian people too, wake up. Wake up, people everywhere. My friend, you need to wake up. Get into prayer and worship. Prayer and praise. Jehovah God is right where he was when he turned his face while Christ suffered and died on the cross. That was God's plan for your total redemption. Call on Jesus to set you free from the mess you have allowed yourself to become entrapped in. Hush the juvenile behavior and get serious about your life and your children and grandchildren. The earth is in wickedness mode. This is Satan's territory. The devil is laughing. Fight back in Jesus the Christ.

PRAY for your spiritual eye to be opened. Release the BLOOD OF JESUS to counteract. Pray with conviction. Awake from slumber and keep the night watch. Things are being revealed by the Holy Spirit to the ones who are seeking. You will find ANSWERS when you seek God diligently.

God Almighty in Christ is the remedy. Many churches and preachers are not telling the people the truth. Many clergy men and women have been compromised. Money, fame, power and influence have tied their hands and zipped their mouths. You're on your own as far as they're concerned. Others have not a clue. Many church leaders are just totally clueless. You must navigate for yourself.

The days of innocence are long gone, over completely. Groan in prayer. Mourn in prayer. Labor in prayer. Rejoice in prayer. Change sinful lifestyles and liberate yourself from bondage. Then pray like your life, your very existence, depends on it. Because it does. Your very life and existence depends that you PRAY and SEEK ALMIGHTY GOD. We are in war. We are at war. War with Satan. Spiritual warfare means being at war with the devil. It means spiritual wickedness in high places. Powers and principalities that do not look like you but appear like you somehow. Satan has human beings in his army. Living breathing human beings are deployed at Satan's beck and call. Are you one of them? How do you know for sure that you are not part of Satan's army in these times? Check yourself. Your mindset could tell you. Your mentality. The thought processes which define you and constitute who you are. What kind of mentality dominates you? Check you out.

My friend. It has arrived. It is here. Right now. The days of Noah are back. Some kind of "the flood" is imminent. Will you keep being merry until the waters rise and cover you?

There is only one God given remedy. The Ark...JESUS CHRIST.

Servant Hortense (DO IT FOR CHRIST Ministries)