Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Need a Blanket

As I feel the cold breeze in spite of the warm sunshine, I cannot help but exclaim, “How majestic are you, O Lord; thank you for today!” My friend, God’s love can penetrate every layer that one has. Allow the love of Jesus Christ to overflow in you today. The Lord loves you with an everlasting love. Let the love of Christ wrap you in a blanket of warmth. Almighty God desires that you would give him a chance to love you beyond your understanding. Receive God’s unconditional love God’s way. Life is love and love is life. Jesus Christ gave up his life to die for you out of his love for you. That is deep love, embrace it. Accept Jesus Christ as your Savior. Make Jesus Christ your Lord.

“As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Abide in my love. If you keep my commandments, you will abide in my love, just as I have kept my Father’s commandments and abide in his love. These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and you’re your joy may be full. This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friend. You are my friends if you do what I command you."
(John 15:9-13 ESV)

Blessings and peace,
Servant Hortense Grimes

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

It Is Personally Yours...

The ever present Jesus Christ has called you by name today. Answer that call and make the Lord God present forever in your life. Religious beliefs outside of Christ might benefit you, albeit superficially, on this side of heaven called earth. Religious beliefs in a relationship with Jesus Christ will benefit you totally, here on this earth and for eternity in heaven, with Almighty God the Father. This relationship is available when you accept that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died on the Cross for your sins; believe that Christ arose from the dead and ascended back to heaven; confess your sins to the Lord and ask God's forgiveness; invite Jesus Christ into your life as your Savior and Lord. 
Like all relationships do, your relationship with Christ involves commitment. Almighty God has designated special assistance for all who come to him through Jesus Christ. This special helper is God the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit opens our eyes and reveals the truth of who God is. The Holy Spirit helps each of us to understand the magnitude of our relationship with God. You must become involved with Jesus to the point that you surrender everything about you to the Lord. 
Communicate with the Lord, daily, in prayer. Submit your will to the will of Almighty God. Embrace the righteousness of Jesus. Receive the grace of God Almighty. Utilize the mercies of Almighty God, because, yes, you will fail many times. But you are never left alone or abandoned. Nothing can separate you from God's love. So, when you fall short do not despair. The Holy Spirit continually waits to be your guide. Reach out to Jesus and ask the Lord to help you pick yourself up. Jesus will lift you up and place you back on your feet.  Rely on Christ strength. And continue in your journey, joyfully and joyously, as you do the work of living for Jesus to the glory of Almighty God. 
Enjoy each and every minute with the awesome friend that Jesus is. Almighty God envelops all of us living beings in his arms. Even those who reject The Lord he holds close in his arms; nearest to his heart. Christ loves you with an everlasting love. The Lord will continue loving you until the day you take your last breath, and return to be with him in eternity forever. Eternity shines with the love of Almighty God and the light of Jesus Christ. Eternity in heaven is bright with God's light and Christ's love. Eternity radiates with God the Son seated at the right hand of God the Father. That's what a relationship with Jesus Christ has in store for you for eternity. You in the presence of the glory of Almighty God. You forever in the radiance of Jesus Christ. 
Should you take your last breath without accepting Jesus, eternity for you is separation forever from the Lord who loves you so. Only then does Jesus Christ leave you alone. And you are left forever with the decision you made to keep Christ away from you and out of your life. Outside a relationship with Jesus Christ eternity is hopeless. Religious beliefs outside of Christ means an eternity void of light and love; void of Christ and radiance; void of peace and peaceful final rest. Almighty God with all his unlimited scope of love for you cannot help you at that time. 
When your last breath is taken and you close your eyes in disbelief of Jesus Christ, God gives up on you. The Lord leaves you all alone with your choice. The Holy Spirit keeps an unbridgeable distance. Yes, God Almighty stops his grace.
Reconsider your religious beliefs and your concept of spirituality. Double think where your final resting place in eternity will be.  May I offer the name Jesus Christ. 
Jesus is the best confidante that this world has ever been blessed to know. Your deepest thoughts, desires, expressions, and all your secrets are safe with Him. Before you call on someone to talk with today call Jesus. The Lord is the closest ally humanity will ever have. Again, joyfully, may I offer you the name Jesus Christ! 

Blessings and peace,
Servant Hortense Grimes

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Work The Love...

BECAUSE I like to keep relevant conversations ongoing... I'm just saying it does not end because the red roses were delivered yesterday with fanfare; the sweetly worded greeting cards were read; best behavior was on display for one day... Oh No, you've got to work this thing called love. You have got to nurture it and nurse it. Love is like life, you've got to master it. Daily!!! Love is work, you have got to do your job. Prolong Valentine's Day by being the committed, trustworthy, respectful, passionate, responsible lover that you are. Keep the love thing happening fifty-two weeks in a row year after year!

"Set love free and it will return to you. If you keep being a loving person and hold love in your heart for others, someday someone special will return love to you."
   --SHE SHALL STAND by Hortense Duarma Grimes

Blessings and peace,
Servant Hortense Grimes

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Another Non Negro Story...

During my daily Africa briefings, today’s Liberian Observer Newspaper Editorial entitled, "Liberians Need a Chemical and Spiritual Change in Their Mentality, Spirit and Attitude-Who Can Make it Happen" has challenged my attention. The article starts off interestingly. The article veers off to statements about matters for which I have long faulted my birth country and still carry pent-up frustrations about. Here I share some of my thoughts.
The Liberia Observer is without doubt one of the nation’s exemplary conducts of print journalism. In my opinion, today’s February 1, 2016 editorial in the Liberian Observer reflects some of what is wrong in our Liberia today. Liberia has an abundance of brilliant academic minds. Liberia has a wealth of common sense and wisdom in its elders and tribal leaders. Liberia has highly educated, talented, experienced, exposed world-class legal experts. I am confident that laws can be drafted, constructed and executed for a constitutional amendment that would allow “Others of Non-Negro Descent” to become permanent residents and citizens of Liberia. Regulations can be implemented to effect the change that would include those “others of non-negro descent”.  Particularly, the many “Others of Non-Negro Descent” whose place of birth is the Republic of Liberia. Such a constitutional change would propel gains and increase their contributions to national development and affect national stability. 
It is not a matter of fact to state that such a necessary and fundamental change, when properly enacted, would leave Liberians poorer and landless. The assertion is not only misleading, but incites shivers of violent fears into the mindset of a populace consisting of an already too large illiterate majority. It keeps the poor ever poorer. It limits life changing resources to a small minority. Lebanese and foreign nationals are not without faults and flaws; neither are natural born Liberians. No union is perfect; together we strive for perfection. Together, we work towards excellence. Liberia needs the people who have helped build the country, opened stores and made small and larger developments into the hinterlands, gave out LPAs that have educated thousands, provided loans to average people to help parents build homes and families survive and upgrade, bankrolled the lifestyles of many so-called wealthy and Liberian elites, and much more. Yes, these are some of what the Lebanese and Non-Black Foreign nationals have done.
To say the least, the article making a reference to Presidents King, Tubman, Tolbert, Doe, Taylor, Sirleaf, and somehow concluding that the Lebanese and foreign nationals are responsible for Liberians being at the lower economic and social ladder in their own country is contradictory, for starters. Dare I say it is a faulty conclusion. Such representations that could incite apprehensive behavior and stir up revolutionary urgings do not benefit Liberians. There are pros and cons to every situation, including changing of status quo. The influx of “negro-descent” foreigners now overrunning Liberia is having no substantial benefit to the country. Instead, many of these businesses are mismanaged, non-lucrative and non-business entities. I dare to say, just as corrupt as any other corrupt enterprise, including Liberian owned. Further, many of these “only negro-descent” business owners often are hoarding their profits and funneling it back into their respective countries, which countries are usually much poorer than Liberia. 
The matter of granting residency and citizenship to persons born in Liberia who are not of the Black race is timely, and will not disappear because of one-sentence fear invoking statements. The matter of Lebanese, Indians and other non-Black foreign nationals who have lived their entire lives in Liberia, others having lived, died and are buried in Liberia, yet still considered as misplaced homeless foreigners with no legal status or protection is wrong. These matters will persist until what is morally wrong is corrected. Not to mention Liberia is a country which depends on foreign aid for almost everything. Dare we forget the tremendous support the international community of “non-negro-descent worldwide citizens” give this country during our always desperate long running destitute years. There is nothing like an idea whose time has come to be implemented. There is nothing more intense than a change that needs to happen. Maligning the constructive partnering efforts of Lebanese, Indians, and other Non-Black foreign nationals is wrong. Rejecting Lebanese and other foreign nationals who have lived, worked, and supported the Liberian economy for decades is not right. The premise that inhibits this is fundamentally and morally flawed. Plain and simply wrong. Non-black foreign nationals, including Lebanese, Indians, Europeans, who were born in Liberia, and have lived solely in the country for 50, 70, 90 plus years, should have the opportunity to call Liberia their home and live here with dignity and decency. Many of these nationals, especially the Tubman era generation and younger, know no other country but Liberia. It is where they want as beneficiaries of their lives and opportunities.
Most interesting to note, it is an established fact that many of said Liberians who vehemently are against consideration to amend the constitution and allow Lebanese and foreigners legal status in Liberia are the same exclusive group who consistently lease out their lands, properties and buildings to the very Lebanese and non-Black nationals, for extensive periods of 30-75 years per agreement. Remittances, often paid to them in advance huge annual sums at a time, are enjoyed exclusively by they and their families. While these pocket full of money Lessors-Landlords yell out to their fellow poor, non-sophisticated, illiterate, non-lettered property owners, “…The Lebanese people will take away all your land from your…!” Dare I ask these lessor-landlords, “Well then, when you lease out your properties, how much of the proceeds do you spend on developments that would benefit the poor masses? How much investment do you make in the hinterland? What does your huge amounts of money and profits received from the foreign nationals do to alleviate sufferings of the poor masses so that they would enjoy a somewhat better life? How many businesses do you start to afford poor people children an opportunity to have a somewhat better lease on life?” What is prompting this outcry of fear tactics? No nation thrives when fears and trepidation abound aimlessly. May I repeat my resounding phrase to this debate: 
Liberia has an abundance of brilliant academic minds. Liberia has a wealth of common sense and wisdom in its elders and tribal leaders. Liberia has highly educated, talented, experienced, exposed world-class legal experts. I am confident that laws can be drafted, constructed and executed for a constitutional amendment that would allow “Others of Non-Negro Descent” to become permanent residents and citizens of Liberia. Regulations can be implemented to effect the change that would include those “others of non-negro descent”. I dare to say true nation building will commence.
My purpose here is to open this dialogue. I intend to start the conversation. I plan to and will stay with this discussion. We, Liberians, are a well learned, well exposed, well connected, intelligent, educated and sophisticated bunch. There is an ongoing brain drain in Africa. Like most African countries, many Liberians have spent majority of our productive years in exile from our homeland. Need I say we have learned and experienced what it means to come as a struggling stranger and be welcomed to assimilate in someone else's country. We have enjoyed and be rewarded for being a a law-abiding citizen, with every right and privilege accorded to make the new country your new home. 
Liberians can handle this debate better than shutting off the valve out of fear and misinformation. Let us invite differing viewpoints, rational ideas, arguments, but frank and honest conclusions. Talk about the details. Responsibly. With truth and honesty. No longer should any action or decision that affects members of humankind be based strictly and solely on the color of a person's skin.   TO BE CONTINUED

Blessings and peace,
Hortense Duarma Grimes
Born: June 15, 1964, Firestone Harbel Hospital, Liberia, West Africa
Raised and Nurtured:  Careysburg, Montserrado County; Gbarnga, Bong County; Harper City Cape Palmas, Maryland County; Bensonville/Bentol City, Montserrado County; Somalia Drive Paynesville, Monrovia Liberia.
Educated: Fatima Elementary School, Cape Palmas, Maryland County; Ricks Institute, Virginia Liberia; The University of Liberia. Global Worldwide Life on Planet Earth.
Citizen by Birth: The Republic of Liberia
Citizen by Naturalization: The United States of America

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