Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Good "December" Morning to You"

LIVING FOR THE GLORY OF GOD. Life as a missionary. Life in missions. Living that says, "Not my will, but yours dear Lord." Follow Jesus all the way. Everyday. 
A servant missionary. My life today. Utilizing different and creative formats of bringing the Jesus-Gospel message to the millions that still need to know, "Salvation is by no other name except Jesus Christ." You have no idea what your harvest will look like. Numbers don't count. People do. People matter. Persons are all around. See God's children. The multitude...people. See each one. See the eyes. See the smiles. See the hopes. See the weariness. See the potential. Tell a compliment. Watch faces light up. Share a laugh. Notice as the hopeless look fade. Give a little. Enjoy the response of pure joy. That little. Yes that little does much. It is moments like these that make every sacrifice worth it. By the way, didn't HE make the ultimate sacrifice for me. Yes, the Lord already paid it all. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. HE is worth it all. And then some. 
As I often say, when you totally embrace Jesus the host of hell takes notice. Ahh(!), but it only serves to make the journey sweeter and the testimony longer. Gives me yet another manuscript to write. Much more encouragement to pass on to others. Yet more praise to report. Some more pep in my step. Many more smiles to paste across my trademark smiling face. More thrilling loud laughter to add to my always funny-crazyness-holler laughing, making people laugh personality.  Thank you Jesus for this gift of life totally surrendered to you.  
This I proclaim...unknown, untold, different, terrific, strange, risky, enjoyable, fearless...I thank Almighty God for the blessing of being in Christian ministry. I praise the Lord for even the smallest blessings! I exalt the Lord for new beginnings! With my entire being I worship you Lord. I adore you Jesus. I honor the name of Christ. Again, I say THANK YOU Jesus for this gift of life totally surrendered to you.  
My friend, a blessed good morning to you from where I am...an awesome-beautiful spot in West Africa.

(Servant Hortense D. Grimes - Do It For Christ Ministries)
Blessings and peace

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