Thursday, December 31, 2015

Your Thank You Yah!

I wish to express thanks and appreciation to you for staying with our ministry. Thank you for the time spent reading the articles and writings, spending time on social media outlets, liking and following my thoughts and paying attention to what I have to contribute to us all. I am what I am because of Jesus Christ, my Lord God. I wish great things to happen for you. May you soar highest in your endeavors. I wish you long life, good health, peace and contentment. Oh, may you experience much joy and lasting laughter!

 Do not spend today stewing in all the “What ifs" and drowning in the many “Wish I had done so or so...”. Shut off the Regrets Valve. Sooner than you could count time the newest old year, 2015, would be past. Yes my dear friend, it came to pass that at the end of the year Two Thousand Fifteen... We Made It!

 There are many types of Media expressions from which you could choose. I am grateful that you’ve chosen Do It For Christ Ministries, and HortenseInspiration, as part of your spiritual faith-guide and motivation for life journeys. I wake up every day with one purpose: That I may fulfill The Lord’s calling on my life to proclaim His word. And speak to the hurting people. We are all “hurting” persons, one way or another. Even in our joys pain is present, because of the gift of human sinful nature. The only reason I want to be alive is so that someone may feel closer to Jesus because they heard from me.
You make my work and ministry a joyful blessing. You make the challenges fade away. You make me continue to smile and approach life dancing. I bless Jesus Christ for you. Every day I pray for you collectively, and individually when I know of the need to. You are a pearl of a gem. Together we have almost reached the end of Two Thousand and Fifteen. Together we go forward into a new year. Together we cross life landmines and bounce into treated territory. Treated by the Blood of The Lamb, Jesus Christ.
Lastly, I encourage you to perform the Do It For Christ “Landmine Crossing Exercise” (posted on our Social Media outlets). Try to do this tonight before year’s end. You may then go on and enjoy your night. God’s eyes are watching you and how you enter into 2016 AD. Glad tidings await you in the Happy New Year. I love you my friend, with a sisterly love. Stay safe. Blessings galore! 
("Your Thank You Yah" is Liberian local vernacular meaning, "Thank you Everyone; I appreciate all you have done.")

Your friend and sister-in-Christ,
Hortense Duarma Grimes

Formula One and Only

Countdown to 2016 begins today! I am writing this note at 7:00 A.M. Eastern time in the United States. In seventeen short hours, the year 2015 will roll over into oblivion. I have come to tell you that God is able. The Lord God has no limitations. Jesus Christ has no restrictions on his abilities. Almighty God is able to deliver without constraints.

cont.... (Christmas Classics)

Blessings and peace,

Servant Hortense D. Grimes
Founder, Do It For Christ Ministries Intl
Creator, Hortense Grimes Inspiration Media (HortenseINSPIRATION)
Dream Bearer and Dream Carrier, SOLACE AFRICA WORLDWIDE

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

72 Hour Count Down to 2016

We are standing in the shadow of a new time. We are on the verge of a “Daybreak” that will reveal what History would call “2016”: The Year Two Thousand and Sixteen AD.
I dare you to now begin a 72-Hour Countdown into what you will make your greatest year, ever. With every breath in me I speak “Positive” into your space, that Friday morning, January 1, 2016 will unleash in you a new determination to fashion yourself into a bigger, better, you.
Start a cleansing of your system, today. Begin ridding your mind, body, and spirit, of every negative thought. Light the match and start a fire to burn away bitterness, anger, and regret. You know yourself well. Better than anyone else does. Use the 72-Hour Countdown for a deep cleaning of you. Employ every cleaning method, tool, and technique that you know of—soap water, bleach, antiseptics, harsh abrasives, power washer, brushes, detergent—use whatever it takes—Pray. Fast. Read the Bible. Meditate. Prostrate before the Lord. Cry out to Jesus. Ask forgiveness for your sins—Cleanse. Clean up. Extract from the root. Shred into pieces. Do what you need to do to you, with you, for you. Cleanse. Clean. Disinfect. Rinse. Clean up You. Do It For Christ.

Begin the 72-Hour Countdown to 2016
Cleanse. Clean. Disinfect. Rinse. Clean up You.
Disinfect your Mind-Body-Spirit.

In just about seventy-two hours, you would be standing at another pinnacle of history. Let it meet you with enough scope—enough free space within you—to absorb all the possibilities and opportunities therein. The blessings; innumerable and immeasurable blessings that are coming your way. Ask Jesus to help you clean up that you may receive what 2016 is bringing for you.

Blessings and peace,
Your Friend, Hortense
Founder, Do It For Christ Ministries Intl

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Lights Everywhere, WOW

You Are The Reason Christ Came To Earth. 
Christ Is The Reason For Christmas.

“Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Glory to the Newborn King!”
All over America many no longer want to celebrate Christmas for what it is. Most people prefer to simply call it The Holidays. Standard happy greeting for this time of year has shifted from "Merry Christmas" to "Happy Holidays". That's alright. A sort of political correctness has slowly pushed the phrase "Merry Christmas" to almost oblivion. Those of us who insist on greeting this way get funny stares. That’s alright, too. I gave a big smile in return. As long as I am doing the greeting it’s going to be Merry Christmas at my end.
Ah (!) But the lights! Merry Christmas to you! Happy Holidays Everyone! Enjoy a wonderful blessed time with your family and loved ones. Almighty God has got you fully covered. 

Your Friend,
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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas ... A Love Story

**(Divinely Imparted to Servant Hortense Grimes on Tuesday, December 4, 2012)

"Everybody wants to see God. They want to see someone that looks like them. That is not who I am. I am big. I fill time, space, and void. I am big! Every day they are looking for me in things. You say, ‘He’s that person. He’s in this person. He is the trees. He is the leaves. He is the breeze.’ They say, ‘God is in everything. Everything is God.’ You call others God. Nothing can be me. Nobody is me. I am God. I created all. I am big. I fill time, space, and void. Every day man has their own interpretations of God. I have fitted all of me into what I know your mortal mind can handle. See Jesus. That is the only manifestation I want mortals to see me as. You are mortal, created for a fixed time frame. For that fixed time the way you would know me is if you know Jesus. To reject Jesus is to reject all of God. I am big. I’m big. I’m big. I am infinite God. Infinite I came into the world to save you. Jesus is the manifestation of me that your finite minds can handle. What I am no man can behold. So that you would live with Godliness you must accept Jesus. Jesus is the manifestation of me packaged to fit human limitation. The creature now wants to contain the creator into your limited mind. You are created and given a time frame. I am eternal.
You say God is in you. But you reject my Holy Spirit. How is God in you? All of who I am is symbolized in the Dove that is my Holy Spirit. Infinite God, condensed to reside in you. That Dove, my Holy Spirit, represents an explosive. A dynamite force of God contained in smaller amount to live in you. The Holy Spirit is a dynamite of all that I am. That is the gift I sent into the world so that the world would have me in their midst. All my power; I am God. I am big. I fill time, space, and void. I fill it all. Time is eternity. I fill eternity. Stop looking for God in different things. I am tired that you say He’s in the trees. He’s in the leaves. Look! He’s in the breeze. Oh! He’s in all people. God is in all things. NO. I am big. Mortal man with the fixed time frame wants to contain infinite God. Do not contain me. I am God. I am big. I am big. I fill time, space, and void. You say God is in everyone. NO. Know me. To reject Jesus is to reject all that I am.
Why are you not afraid of me? I am big. You have no fear of me. The creature wants the creator to look like him and fit their mind. Your mind is too limited. I cannot fit it. I am God. I am big. Mankind, you mock me. You are not scared of me. I am tired of your mockery. Mortal man who I created and put a fixed time frame on you. Now you say God is another mortal. NO. You say God lives in everything. In the trees. In the leaves. In the breeze. The only way I live in you is in the dynamite that is the Holy Spirit. No other way do I live on earth. If you want to know that I live in you, take my Holy Spirit. That is the only way I am on earth. That is the only way I live in mortals. Stop worshiping things. I am not in things. I am God. I am not things. You mortal here for a time reduce me to fit your mindset. I am big. I fill time, space, and void. I am tired hearing that God is in the birds. He’s the air. Look around us everywhere is God. That is how your mortal mind wants to see God. The creature wants the creator to look like and fit their perception of God. You, created with the limited mindset and fixed time span. I have created man. Now man wants to fit me into how your minds see me. The creature wants to contain the creator. The creature wants to limit the creator in your limited time frame. I have told you who I am. Jesus is the manifestation of me that I want mankind to see. Accept Jesus. To reject Jesus is to reject me. I am God.
Religions are figments of man’s mind. I regard no religion. I do not care about your religions. Religion is man’s perception of things. What is religion? Religions are man-made doings. All religions are man’s interpretation of belief systems. Those are beliefs you mortals have made up. There are not many ways to me. There is one God. I am God. I am big. I relate to man only in one way. I am God. I fill time, space, and void. There is only one way to me. That way is Jesus Christ. Jesus is the way I want all mankind to know me. The Christmas story is a love story. So that man would know God in a way you can relate to. That you would be able to understand through your limited mindset. Man is mortal created for a fixed timeframe. Man cannot see the creator through your mortal mindset. That mortal man would know God in a way you could relate to, I took on human form. I am big. I am big. I am God. I fill time, space, and void. Jesus is all of me fitted into what I know your mortal mind can grasp. That was the purpose of Jesus coming to earth in human form. A Love Story. The purpose of Jesus coming to earth the way I did is a love story. Jesus is all of me. The Christmas story is a love story. All of me put into what your mortal mind can handle. Remember this. Christmas Story. Love story.
It is not my desire that any man should perish. I am the Judge of all the earth. Mankind disobeys me. They go around looking for God. I have told you who I am. Jesus is the manifestation that I want man to know me as. Mankind has reduced me to how they want to see me. I have told you who I am. I am not the trees. I am not the breeze. I am not the air. I am not things. Stop worshipping things. I am God. I am big. I’m big. I fill time, space, and void. How could I be the wind? I am not the wind. I am God. The wind obeys me. The storm stops when I speak. I cannot be in the leaves. I am not the birds. I am not in the air. I fill time, space, and void. I am not everything. I made everything. Nothing can be me. I am big. I fill time, space, and void. I am God. The Christmas story is a story of love; My Love. Go tell the world the Christmas story is a love story. Go tell the world that the Christmas story is a story of my love. This is the Christmas Story."

**GO TELL THE WORLD... On the morning of Tuesday, December 4, 2012, I entered the presence of God and received a Word from the Lord saying, “Go Tell the world this is the Christmas story”. The voice of the Lord continued speaking. Bewildered, I picked up my voice recorder to be sure I would not miss any part of the message. I tried to be calm. I wished to remain as calm like the calming presence that had entered the bedroom. The presence filled the room as I listened to the firm, but sweet, gentle voice. As gentle as the voice was, in my ears the authoritative reverberation echoed loudly. It was not a human sound. It was the sound of Divine. I sat upright on the bed, for several minutes, transfixed and awed as tears began to flow. Softly at first, but soon my tears were streaming down full force. When it ended I thought out loud, “I must tell someone, quickly.” I grabbed my phone, controlled my sobbing and dialed the number of a trusted relative with whom I often share spiritual moments. Just three days prior we had had an extended talk. I had shared my then recent experience of transitioning into a celestial place. I told of being transported for a brief period from my space on earth. This time it was a ten-minute sight my eyes have never before beheld. That miraculous experience was followed by several days of being directed by the Holy Spirit to read specific scripture passages. I read the same passages, repeatedly. I realized that for the fifth time since my calling to ministry, the Lord had given me another glimpse of heaven. Na├»ve as I sometimes am in the workings of God little did I know that God was preparing me again for a visitation from the Most High. This, Do It For Christ Ministry journey is so amazing to me. I marvel at how Almighty, Infinite, Omnipotent (all-powerful) God can work with, and work through, low, powerless, finite, me. Before an all-sufficient, righteous God the sum total of me is zero. Before a most worthy God my net worthiness is zero. Before a complete God my qualification is zero. My humanness makes my fitness for God’s kingdom work zero. Against the standard of a Holy God my righteousness and piousness amount to zero. In the eyes of Jehovah Tsidkenu my righteousness equal filthy rags! I am unworthy. It does not seem like the Master cares that I am unworthy! In His eyes my littleness amounts to much because it is about Him. Only the Master sanctifies. He gives us worth. Thank you Lord. There is no one like you, Lord! The voice said to go tell the world what is the Christmas Story. Momentarily, I panicked, thinking, “Tell the world? What world! How could I tell the world this strongly worded message? Me?” I broke down again, crying. As hard as I was sobbing there was a comforting presence in my spirit. I was not afraid. I felt strong. I felt determined. I felt brave. My tears flowed, but I felt empowered. I was on a mission. I felt in it my bones. Those tears must have been just a washing of my soul. I now realize that when one comes in touch with Divine, tears flow because you immediately feel the dirt of your sinful self. Being in God’s presence point out all the spots and stains of your mortal human self. Yet, the Divine overrides the sinful soul with the saving grace. That’s why I could weep bitterly and still experience laughter and smiles. Gentle warmth spread throughout my being. I was on clouds. My humanity was in the presence of Divinity! I would tell the World the news, when my tears stopped flowing. When the crying ceased I would go on a mission to tell the world what the Divine wants this world to know. I would go on a mission and tell the world what the voice of God has sent me to say. I dried my tears. I fell before the Lord in prayer. I thanked God for His faithfulness. I worshipped Him for His grace. I asked for strength. I prayed for wisdom to transfer the message to the world as God has given it. I needed courage. I begged God to help me handle this assignment. I cried out for strength, peace, wisdom. I asked the Lord for ability. I stayed on my face in the presence of God for a long period. When I emerged from prayer, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “You who are hopeless this Christmas let The Story bring you hope. God will use the nothings of the world. The people from nowhere. God will use the ‘Nobody’s’ of the world. God is using the nothings of the world to turn this world upside down and around for Jesus. God will use the ‘Nothings’ of the world.” Then I heard a different voice in a loud pitch, say, “Hallelujah.” Immediately, I was assured that the world is not impossible to reach. The world is no longer so large. The world has shrunk. Indeed, it has gotten smaller. The world is reachable for Jesus. Instantly, by Social Media. Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. Print, Radio. Television. It was as if the Divine teacher was prodding and enlightening me. Again, educating me as He constantly does on the how to. I felt peace. I still feel peace. The task is not intimidating. –Hortense Grimes

Blessings and peace, 
Servant Hortense Grimes
Founder, Do It For Christ Ministries Intl.
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Friday, December 4, 2015

Good Old Change

Good morning my friend. When you woke up this morning the world as you knew it last night had changed. For sure, something different happened somewhere while you slept. Certainly change will happen to each of us. Good or not so good, change is a constant of life. That is why you must PRAY your way through life. When you pray Jesus Christ removes your anxiety about change. When you pray you turn over life’s changes to the only constant there is. Jesus Christ. The fundamental nature of Almighty God never changes. The LORD GOD is a good God. And that good Lord God loves you beyond your ability to comprehend this love. Pray to the Lord God, in the name of Jesus Christ, and joyfully embrace the changes all around you. Blessed Friday! 

Blessings and peace,
Servant Hortense Grimes
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