Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Huh ...Those Certain Persons, Again

And so it was that a few “good men” stirred the crowd of wandering minds and before they could gather their wits… a city laid burning and broken.
And so it is that a few “good men” stirred their own wandering minds and before the crowd could gather their wits…

Who could know what happens to the city!

Lord Jesus, plead with The Father and send portions of wisdom through the Holy Spirit that “good men” might be restrained from themselves. Father God, diffuse what the secret enemies have purposed for your people. Jehovah, break the curse which causes Liberia to always inflict self-destruction on itself in the name of liberating itself. Teach us to see and realize that the only enemy that has been able to reduce us is we ourselves. You Almighty God have made us indestructible; we choose instead destruction by our own hand. Nobody, no force and nothing has ever been strong enough to completely dismantle us. Yet, we gladly do it to ourselves all by ourselves – Liberians – we tear ourselves into fragments and shred our lives in pieces… Liberians.

Send restraint, dear Lord, send restraint. Open our collective eyes. Remove from our midst anything fake that look like reality. Teach us to hear the sound of the distant thunder! Before it soon bring within our reach deafening downpours! Shut up the “good men” and their verbose claims of doing good will. Strip these burgeoning egos. Strip these have-never-seen-or-entered-battlefield Generals. Strip these attention-grabbing-egotistic-self declared saviors. Strip these incite-the-people-then-flee-with-your-family Commanders. Lift the veil from the faces of deception. Remove the scales that all eyes may see what you already know these deceivers to be. Heavenly Father, I could go on and on, but you know just what I’m trying to say. Have mercy O God! In Jesus Name. Aye God! I beg you. Thank you for answered prayer. I praise you. I give you glory. Amen. Lord Jesus, It’s me, Hortense, again. Amen.

Blessings and peace,
Srvt. Hortense D. Grimes
Do It For Christ Ministries

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