Monday, September 10, 2018

Monday Morning Pearl

I wish for you the beginning of a different kind of week. One in which your thoughts will bring you solace and laughter. One in which your deeds will bring you satisfaction and your actions will yield success for you. One in which your silence will bring contentment and peace. 
#RaisetheBar.  As I wind down a momentous ten-month stay in West Africa, I think of the way our entire world is today. Negative news, anger and bitterness, arrogant leaders and poor examples of leadership in many places, decline in neighborliness, so much unhappiness globally. Enormous challenges across the board. Do not let the world lead you astray. You lead the way: one thought, one deed, one measure, one person at a time.
It is left up to you. You are the hidden pearl. It is you, my friend, who must make the difference. You must make a difference in your world by beginning to be a positive force in your space, It starts by taking a pause from your “business as usual” manner and forging an unusual method for dealing with the ongoing madness. Because you are so much greater than the prevailing trend. It is up to you to think of outstanding ways to do things differently.
#ReconcileLiberia.  As I wind down my stay this round, I ask myself, why would such a natural wonder that Liberia is be so daunting for most of its people? I could say the same of most all of Africa. The answer and prospect of change lies with you. Allow the pearl in you to shine its luster. 
So on this new Monday morning, permit your thoughts to simmer and stew for a few minutes. How can you make a difference, for real? Ponder this. You could bring a shifting in your space today. When you do, decide to keep that momentum going. I don’t know much about all of it but I do know it has to get better than it is. And I do know there has got to be a way. A different new way. That way begins with love. Love for God. Love for one another. Love for country. Love for humanity. 
God bless you in abundance. I wish for you all that you wish for yourself and all that the Lord wishes for you would come to you. In Jesus name. I love you much with a sisterly love. Stay prayerful.

Blessings and peace,
Servant Hortense D. Grimes
Do It For Christ Ministries

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