Monday, August 4, 2014

Open Letter to President Barack Obama

Mission of Do It For Christ Ministries


President Obama, Happy Birthday!

I write to ask you to Simplify the Africa Summit. Most African leaders know a good talk but seldom do they implement what is right. Tell African leaders to prioritize the basic needs of their people. Healthcare, sanitation, and basic infrastructure. Tell them to make education available for all and not a privilege for few. Tell them to enforce the laws of their land and implement policies that protect, enrich, and elevate the lives of their people. Tell them to preserve human dignity.

Most African leaders have two faces. The face they show at foreign Summits and international events. The face their people endure at home. Young people on the continent are fighting to lift it to a different level. It is the leaders who are holding back progress on the African continent. A successful summit is when African leaders learn to invest the country’s riches in the well being of its poor and desolate people. The richest continent in the world, in terms of natural resources, is home to the poorest and most abandoned citizens in the world, yet, produces some of the richest heads of state and public servants in the world. There is a problem when the leader of a country has more money in their personal bank account than the entire nation has in its. Most African leaders assumed power after entering politics broke, penniless, and “compassionate” about people and “passionate” for change. These so-called agents for change quickly strangle their respective nations.

President Obama, please have a tough heart-to-heart talk with those leaders convening in Washington D.C., for the Africa Summit. Do not be impressed or swayed by the verbosity and grandiose. Have the tough chat. Call the bluff. People’s lives are at stake. Millions are dying needlessly. Africa can help itself. Africa is hurting because of leaders that have no regard for their people. Please point this out to the assembly this week. Let them know that you and the world are watching to hold them accountable.

God bless the efforts of the Africa Summit 2014. May God bless President Obama and the United States for organizing and footing this event. As a native-African who is blessed to be a naturalized citizen of the United States of America, I wish to see good come of this meeting.

“A country’s natural resources are God’s natural blessings to all generations of that land. A country’s rich natural resources should translate to economic success for the people of that nation. Blessed wealth to be enjoyed by every citizen.” SHE SHALL STAND, Hortense Duarma Grimes 

Hortense D. Grimes

Founder, Do It For Christ Ministries
(240) 237-0063

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