Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving (HortenseInspiration Classics)

Thanksgiving Message (HortenseInspiration Classic Messages)

Prayer and Thankful Praise to Almighty God
(from the child to Our Father)

I thank you, Father God, because I am alive. You have allowed me to behold another thanksgiving season. I have you walking beside me every step of the way. There are those times you have carried me in your arms. You cover me during the day by being a bright cloud to lead my way. You wrap my home in a blanket of fire that extinguished untimely death’s cold hands while dangers prowled at night.
I thank you Lord, because you wake me up every morning—able to see, hear, feel, taste, smell—all five senses correct. You wake me up and I can walk and talk. You keep my conscience alive to guard my decisions—I am able to think. You keep me free from guilt by the presence of your Holy Spirit.
I thank you Lord, because I made it through the year’s difficulties. I have walked around the obstacles—many times I walked right through them. Halleluiah! I faced the challenges.  I defeated the enemies. I trounced the disasters. You have favored me with opportunity to do more. You have privileged me with ability to do better.
I am going to thank you Lord because my children are healthy and safe. My family is intact—the tough times didn’t swallow us. My spouse and I are working at it day by day. We trust in you, and with your help and your strength we are winning at it.
I thank you for everything—yes Lord—Everything! I will bless Your Name. I will exalt Your Deity. I will proclaim Your Mightiness.  I declare You are the Almighty. You are all mighty.
I am going to Praise You with my life. I pledge to Worship You in the beauty of holiness, by living right in your sight. I will repent from a lifestyle of sin and walk a new life from this day onward. I want to bless you Lord because there is no one like you.
When I thought the problems would swallow me; I agreed with your Word and this is what happened to those giants of problems: “You blew with all your might and the sea covered them.  They sank like a lead weight in the majestic waters. (Exodus 15:10, Message Bible).
Indeed there is no one like you my God. Who compares with you among gods, O God?  Who compares with you in power, in holy majesty, in awesome praises, wonder-working God?” (Exodus 15:11, Message Bible).
Undeniably, you are Magnificent; the Only God for me! “Who is like unto thee, O Lord, among the gods? Who is like thee; glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders?” (Exodus 15:11, KJV).
I am going to thank you Lord because you drew me to you. I now have salvation.  I am guaranteed of eternal life.  While still on earth, I have the power to live abundantly and experience the joy of "Life in Christ"! I am going to thank you Lord simply because I am going to thank you. YOU alone are GOD. You alone deserve TOTAL PRAISE!
Receive your praise O Lord!  Be exalted among the Nations! Blessed be your name today and always throughout eternity. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ I offer Thee thanks, O Lord God.

Blessings and Peace,
Servant Hortense D. Grimes
Founder, Do It For Christ Ministries

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Friday, November 11, 2016

Happy Veterans Day, Officer

HICLASSICS (Hortense Inspiration Classics) Veterans Day Message

Congratulations, Soldier; Officer of the United States Military. Thank you for serving our America. Because you served well, I, an African immigrant, have a country that received me and offered a second home when I needed one. I am proud to be an American citizen. I do not take it lightly. I will never take it for granted. Veteran Soldier, thank you for your service. May Jehovah Almighty God keep the USA strong in military might and valor.

Veteran Officer, because you served the borders are kept safe. Because you served the air space is guarded. Because you served the seacoasts and waterways are clear and free. Because you served the environment is created and maintained for law and order to prevail. Your services do not go unnoticed. You matter as much today as you did when you were actively engaged, In Service. Officer, you might not have taken notice, but, because you choose to serve your country, America, you offered your service to my birth country, Liberia. You offered your service to Africa, and all countries and continents under the heavens. How? Here’s how so. 

The United States military lives up to the honor of being the greatest in the world. Offering its shoulders all the time, that unknown people and unheard of places might lean on and benefit. Soldier, you often leave the comforts your country provides to live, quite uncomfortably, in the worst of situations in different countries and strange places. Hostility, heat and misery, resentment, darkness, dampness, evil, are just few of the realities you face in faraway lands. Lands you owe no allegiance to. When you took the oath to serve your country, the USA, you might not have fully realized that yours is the greatest military in the world—Super Power. That is huge news. To me, it means you fully, graciously accepted a silent oath to protect the weakest in the world. It is super powerful. Soldier. Bearing arms, you serve strangers with the same strength and bravery with which you serve your own. You bear arms which carry the weight of the innocent. Because you bear arms respect is shown even to the most-guilty. Justice is administered because your arms uphold the arms of civility. Because you carry arms your arms carry such restraint, many find hard to comprehend. Your arms uphold all our arms. We keep on riding in your arms. Therein is the greatness in you. Every day, the thought that you are there keeps hope alive in young hearts that world otherwise shrink. You are the carrier of super power. I believe superpower is as much power as God has invested to man’s discretion. Wow! Officer of the United States Military, you deserve every Salute!

Officer, each day we honor you who have served and who continue to serve in the greatest super powerful mechanism on planet earth. On another note, we respect those garbs. Keep wearing proudly your uniforms. You look so good in your regalia! The shirts, the jackets, the crisp pants and skirts. Oh, don’t get me talking about the berets and caps. The bright buttons and badges just complete your distinct aura! And those colors … khakis, white, black, blues, greens, browns, red accents …Oh! You sure know how to dress right. Soldier, you have got it going on as well in the apparel department. And you wear you so well, Officer. You look great. Thank you.

Soldier, hold on to your smile. Let the laughter in your soul suppress whatever forlorn looks may attempt to cover your face. You do great all the time. You are great. You do great. And karma rules … Great will be done back to you. You will never be forgotten. God will make sure all your needs are met. Jesus Christ is interceding for you all the time. Reach out for His hand. Officer, whatever your personal beliefs, please know this: You are fulfilling Almighty God’s greatest command: “… Love your neighbor as yourself.” When you signed up, Soldier, you did just that. God rewards those who keep His commands.

Thank you. We appreciate you. On this your special holiday, I bring my voice to say thanks. Thank you, Soldier. Officer of the United States Military. May The Lord bless you, and yours. 

Blessings and peace,
Servant Hortense D. Grimes

Founder, Do It For Christ Ministries