Thursday, June 29, 2017

Right is Peace

The month of June ends tomorrow. Half of the year is gone into oblivion. Never again in the history of mankind will there be month of June 2017.  We saw it come and  we lived it through. We say thank you, Lord God, for everything!
My friend, I wish that your year so far is peaceful. Peacefulness is a determinant of happiness. When your soul is at rest and your heart is glad and your spirit is satisfied and the joy of the Lord is your strength; therein lies a person at peace with self. The kind of peace which surpasses all understanding. Human mindset cannot decipher that peace. It’s a heart thing bestowed from the man upstairs. God.
In all you do embrace peace. Do not make enemies for yourself. Make no enemies intentionally. Absolutely, do not set to make enemies. Should you find that you have offended anyone, or that someone has taken offense from your actions or reactions, make haste to fix that offense. Whether real or perceived by them, you take corrective actions. If someone feels that you have hurt them apologize to them. You may not believe that you’ve hurt them or done anything wrong, but if they feel your words or action inflicted pain and hurt feelings, you must say “I am sorry.” And be sincere. Fix it. Hurry up to make amends. Clear it all up. It's on you to fix it when others say you've hurt them. It's their feelings. Be sensitive for them.
Those people who decide on being an enemy to you leave them alone. Let it be. You cannot force others to be at peace with you. Keep your heart pure. You do not have to remain buddies with untrustworthy people. But you do have to foster a peaceful atmosphere. You must initiate and promote peace. Avoid conflict by saturating a fragrance of peace about you. You must not insist on befriending people who dislike you for their own reasons. Some people will not like you for nothing. No reason. Absolutely no reason at all. Some people will absolutely hate you just because you are you. Some people will hate you because people they love hate you. They are being loyal to their inner circle to the point of transferring bad emotions from their circle. Some people will determine to be your worst nightmare because of who they are. It is all on them. You just have to carry a pure heart and keep clean hands. Forgive all. Pray that the Lord would keep you from likewise being their enemy. Keep a smile on your face. A smile is disarming to the nastiest attacker. There is silent strength in your smile. Wear a smile on your sleeves.
May your enemies never rise above you. Those who insist on being your enemies have decided their own role. Beneath you. The Bible says your enemy shall be a footstool for your feet. In other words, you will trample on and triumph above any enemy. Always. You will crush whatever your enemy has planned or has in store for you. That is God’s promise. God’s truth is transformative. Your enemies have chosen the role of being constantly beneath you. Should anyone offer himself/herself as a footstool for you, it’s on them. Receive the footstool. The point is not to make you haughty. The point is God has made you victorious over the evil intent of others for you. Rejoice at this point. 
It is up to you to live peaceably with all. In the coming day, months and years ahead strive to be at peace. As much as it is up to you. You cannot please everybody. Do not frustrate yourself trying. Simply do right by people. Do the right thing always. Be fair in your judgments. Do the right things every time. Right is right. Wrong is wrong. Uncompromisingly do the right thing all the time. Particularly, when human eyes are not present. Do right. Right done in the dark shines in the light. Right done in the light shines in the dark. Right done shines right through the black and white and gray areas of existence. Right is shiny. Right is a shiner. Right is always shining.
Make it your business to please Almighty God. Spend every waking moment of your life striving to please the Lord. Do right by God. By following God’s commands and doing his will. Be pleasing in the eyes of Jesus Christ. Your peace and right they go together. When you please God, and continue to be the best you by the power of the Holy Spirit, even your enemies eventually would be at peace with you. That’s God’s promise. The heart of the enemy will change for their own good. The truth of God is everlasting. The Word of God outlasts life itself. Therein is your victory day after day. 

Blessings and peace,
Servant Hortense D. Grimes
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