Thursday, July 2, 2015

Joyous Happy 4th of July to America

Long before she set forth on its great soil, over twenty-seven years ago, Hortense Grimes believed in America. Her love and passion for the United States remain undiminished. This African immigrant sees her beloved naturalized country, America, as “The capital of the world. A decent place where dreams come true. One could believe in oneself and reach for the stars. A place synonymous with hope.” Those expectations still hold true today. As a dedicated prayer warrior she keeps America on her list of highest prayer priority. In 2012, responding to the Lord’s directive that she initiates a National Noon Prayer Campaign for America, Hortense composed the USA Noon Prayer, to get America praying more. The below excerpt is from her published memoir-testimony, "She Shall Stand." 

 . . .
"I could only rely on His mercies and compassion to restore me and grant the opportunity to fulfill my heart’s desires. I believed God to brighten my way. I had no other choice but to believe and wait for Him. By His making this travel possible, hope was greatly restored. Prayer is my deep passion, and it became the secret to life in the midst of otherwise unexplainable dismay. Prayer works every time we utilize it. Prayer changes everything. Prayer will give new meaning to every circumstance one may face. During times when we lose faith God remains faithful, and He hears our every prayer. Keep praying my friend. Keep praying because God listens. In the hymn, “God Moves in a Mysterious Way” William Cowper writes, 'Ye fearful saints fresh courage take; the clouds ye so much dread; are big with mercy and shall break, with blessings on your head.'
"The travel to America was the answer for which I had been waiting. This would be a brand new start; a new lease on life. I wished that once I traveled I would have the chance to pursue a medical career, and establish myself professionally, like I desperately wanted to do. I do not know why I felt the answer was in coming to America. I just believed that it did. If I could reach America my dreams would unfold and goals would be accomplished. In my opinion America was the capital of the world—a place where dreams came true and anybody could become somebody. America meant sophisticated medical attention which might address the dreadful ailment afflicting me. Certainly another great aspect was that everyone could get a job if they were serious about it.
"I attest America gives one the chance to believe in oneself and reach up for the proverbial stars. God helped me to reach America, and it has not disappointed my expectations. Life here is not always easy. Not all my dreams have come true. But America helped me find myself again. America gave me all the chances I needed. For the first time in a long, long time, I could see bright lights at the end of the tunnel. I am proud and grateful for this my naturalized country. May God bless the United States of America. A country that gives unknown immigrants open slate to write their own chapter and the opportunity to afford the ink.”   
--Hortense Duarma Grimes, SHE SHALL STAND

One early dawn in August 1999, Jesus Christ visited Hortense D. Grimes in a miraculous encounter. The Lord called and anointed His servant to proclaim His Word, and speak to the hurting people. That divine meeting was the birth of Do It For Christ Ministries. The ministry is a monument to Jesus Christ with a mantra of helping hurting people help themselves. Based in Washington D.C., Servant Hortense dedicates her life to encouraging spiritual rehabilitation and promoting the remarkable, dynamic power of prayer to transform lives and renew mindset. Hortense is a spiritual motivator, revivalist, life coach, Christian author, speaker, prolific writer, radio host, prayer warrior and friend. Through her media brand HortenseInspiration this gifted and anointed dynamic woman of God delivers captivating messages to uplift the human spirit and increase one to a higher level of faith. Follow the ministry at

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