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Liberia 26th Is On You - Independence Address

This presentation, first delivered July 26, 2014 in an Online publication, is HORTENSEINSPIRATION Unofficial 26th Day Statement delivered by Servant Hortense D. Grimes, on the occasion of the 167th  Independence Anniversary of the Republic of Liberia. The Writing is being reproduced as part of a comprehensive collection of media material for dissemination purposes, in the Movement #ReconcileLiberia #RaisetheBar.  
Congratulations, Liberia, on our Independence Day. Happy 26th to the Republic of Liberia, and all people of Liberian heritage. May we continue as a nation established on the principles of Christ and a God-fearing people. One unified country cognizant of the rights of every citizen and those within its borders. One nation tolerant of the faith and beliefs of all. Yet, unapologetically asserting a profound declaration that it is only The Almighty God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) which has brought Liberia this far. Recognize you are a people with a proud enviable heritage. Pledge to never sacrifice your country’s ethics and values. Vow to do your part and lift Liberian to a place of prominence in the eyes of God and the world. Let us uphold the moral fabric of this sovereign “One Nation, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.”
Republic of Liberia, you must accept responsibility for where you find yourself, the spot you now occupy, in the Roster of Nations. Liberia, accept that you have failed in more ways than one. You have failed your citizenry, your most precious possession. You have failed your babies, your youth, your elderly, your sick and helpless, the downtrodden—all your people.

Republic of Liberia, for a nation that is 167 years old, you are wasting precious time! Liberia, have you not wasted enough time already? The nation that is the most powerful in the entire world is 238 years old; you are 167 years—how far behind are you? Liberia, open your eyes and seek Godly wisdom that you would contribute well and meaningfully to the processes that affect your life. Your existence is being threatened while you pleasantly act sluggish. Only God can rescue the republic. Liberia, you must turn to that Almighty God. The Lord has promised to hear you and DELIVER you. If I know anything, I know that Jesus Christ is a promise keeper.

Liberia is rich with natural resources; untapped mineral deposits around the country. … A country’s natural resources are God’s natural blessings to all generations of that land. A country’s rich natural resources should translate to economic success for the people of that nation. It is blessed wealth to be enjoyed by every citizen.” ~Hortense Duarma Grimes, "She Shall Stand"

Republic of Liberia, reject ignorance, disease, and poverty. Regardless of who serves it in silver platters edged with empty, elaborate gestures; reject Ignorance, Disease and Poverty. Liberia, say NO to terror. Say NO to hate and prejudice. Liberia, say NO to racism (non-negro descent), tribal dissension, ethnic cleansing, clandestine interference, and ungodly influences. Absolutely say NO to violence—Violence of any forms, shape or type.

Republic of Liberia, set priorities and stop dispensing time and energy on compounded nonsense. Embrace education, information, communication, and innovation. Embrace the reality of basic infrastructure and sanitation, technological advances, healthcare, and human dignity. Embrace good, vibrant leadership, transparency, equality, and fairness. Liberia, reject loud verbosity and hollow grandiose promises that are aimed only to lined new pockets.

Republic of Liberia, seek the face of Almighty God, that the Lord, Jehovah, would raise the nation to its intended purpose and bring the republic to its expected end.

On this 167th birthday of this nation, Liberia should not be embroiled in a plague-like crisis, compounded by abject poverty, filthy conditions and sewage-infested rainy waters consuming its precious resources, the people. When the bad outweighs the good in any situation, that situation is not good!

As you celebrate and merry make on this day, ask yourself, “What kind of Liberian am I?”
Vow to do your part and lift Liberian to a place of prominence in the eyes of God, and the world.

Blessings and peace,
Servant Hortense D. Grimes
Spiritual Motivator and Jesus-Gospel Minister
Founder, Do It For Christ Ministries

(First written and published July 26, 2014 (c) copyright material)

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