Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Your Affairs Need a Companion

Allow Almighty God in all of your affairs. Your life's business need the Lord's help.
Blessings abundant to you.

No Time Make Time

Make time for God and watch your life be transformed right before your very eyes!
Blessings abundant to you.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Hi 1-day Prayer Circle

Share the circle. Get everyone praying together today. The enemy is defeated when friends join in agreement prayer!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Pray, Global Citizen

~~The World has become a Global Village. Physical boundaries and land mass designations no longer isolate members of this Global Village. The phrase, “we are one people” might as well be the slogan for our times. The Global Village is hurting in many ways. Global citizens are hurting one way or another. When a country mourns, the world should mourn. When tragedy strikes one part of a whole, the whole is struck. Every global citizen can make a difference with your voice. Every voice can bring healing if the words coming forth are soothing.
Use your voice to pray. Prayer is a balm. Prayer heals. Prayer uncovers hidden answers and offers different outlooks. Prayer is restorative. Prayer can make sense of anything and everything.
Pray for Presidents and Heads of State of all countries of the world. Pray for Leaders, Government Officials and decision makers worldwide. Pray for the President of the country where you reside. Pray for the President of your native country.
Pray for the United States. Pray for the ruling establishment. Pray for the White House. Pray for the Naval Conservatory. Pray for the US Capitol. Pray for the Congress. Pray for the Senate. Pray for the Judiciary. Pray for the Supreme Court. Pray for the Military. Pray for Law Enforcement. Pray for the Media, both liberal and conservative sources. Pray for the networks, radio stations, satellite and cable news. Pray for your favorite channel and other outlets. Pray for the Media worldwide. Pray for the information entering your psyche. Pray for your subconscious absorption of content. Pray for discernment. Pray for all the good powers that be. Pray against evil manipulations.
This is not about politics or preference, if I may add. Absolutely nothing to do with political party or affiliation. If anyone cares to know, I am for whoever is in the Oval Office. The Office and its Occupant hold my loyalty and prayer support until they leave that space. As long as that person controls the Switch I am their prayer warrior every day until they turn over the Switch to another. I then transfer with the next occupant. Simple as that.
As a Christian some choices have already been made for you. The Bible says to “Pray for leaders and those in authority.” God did not qualify this instruction with specifics, neither does the Lord make it subjective to affiliation. The Word simply commands us to pray for our leaders...and honor the king. “The Word was God and the Word is God.” The God of the beginning who is God in the middle and will be God at the ending simply commands you to pray. The same God says “obedience is better than sacrifice.” Fear God and keep his commandments.
At the end of the day what one does for Christ sake is only for one’s own benefit. God wants you to pray, because the decisions these leaders make trickle down to your little precious world. My friend, it is in our own best interest to pray about happenings in the Global Village and particularly your little dot on the map. Where you woke up this morning. Where you are now, as you’re reading this, pray for that place. Pray for those leaders in your dot on the map.
The Global Village needs her global citizen to rise and pray. Amen. It is imperative that you pray for the most powerful nation in the Global Village. I dare say, one cannot be hateful of something and genuinely be praying for its benefit. Prayer means you care. Hence, the emotion of hate must fade for the emotion of caring to initiate your prayer. In the end, let no one and no situation stop you from obeying God’s Word. As Christians we are called for and often asked to do the difficult things. God makes it easy to oblige. It’s called submission to the will of God. It’s called Divine interpretation. It’s called God’s grace. It’s called living for the glory of Almighty God.
My friend, these are not times to stay on the surface. The times demand you go beneath what appears as face value. Open your hearts and mind to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. When one is in Christ you have more insight than the non believer average person. Stay tuned in to Scripture and allow the Holy Spirit to convict you about events and incidents. There is a desperate need for prayer in the world today. It is serious. Christians take up the mantle of prayer. It is urgent. Your prayer can make a huge difference. Your prayer can cover a multitude of transgressions. Your prayer is what the World needs.
Enjoy a terrific Thursday. God loves you. Jesus died to show you just how much your Heavenly Father loves you! Take courage in Christ love for you. Be comforted. Blessings abundant today and always. ~~
I love you with a sisterly love 💕
Your friend, Hortense

Saturday, March 9, 2019


~~Once upon a time I could worry more than anybody on earth. As my Christian faith matured and deepened, I ditched the habit of worrying and resigned my self appointed reign as Head of the International Worry Association. A tight walk with Jesus made the difference.
It startled me that I’ve spent the better of today lost in thought about Liberia. To the extent that it bordered on worry. What happened to my native country? How and when will this stage be over? Is there no end to the long winding path? Will the nation be adrift for another 40 years? How does a place rebuild from such disintegration?  And so on and on and on my thoughts wandered.
I needed to reminiscence about non-fictional leaders who are elevated heroes etched in my mind. I turned to old memories and nostalgia. Two ordinary persons who emerge as super world leaders have heroically held my fascination by their handling of the superlative power entrusted to them.
In an elementary school History class, after first learning about Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir, I gobbled every piece of information I could find on this remarkable, fearless and strong woman. My being a lifelong avid reader with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, the same fascination with the intricacies and exhaustion of politics and leadership was reignited when I discovered the fictional writings of renowned British author Jeffrey Archer. I was enthralled with his titles. Shall We Tell The President; Kane and Abel; Not a Penny More Not a Penny Less; First Among Equals. And my all time favorite, The Prodigal Daughter.
Decades later another leader, President Barack Obama of the USA, would equally fascinate me like did Mrs. Meir. Watching old videos of Mr. Obama’s visit to Kenya, East Africa, and other clips of his reign erased my lingering sad mood today about Liberia and offered inspiration. Somewhere in my mind’s eye I see a rising Liberia. New visionary leaders. New nation builders.
I harbor no political ambitions. My life has twisted away from such an arena. My life has other focuses and new pathways. I have been called by God and assigned a different kind of human management. Mentality reshaping by the sheer power of the Gospel message and the principles of Christ. Spiritual Rehabilitation. This is in itself superlative work.
It is the same God who can elevate one place. The visionary leaders we need in Liberia, God can fashion. That 360 degree turnaround Liberia desperately needs, God can orchestrate. God has it in his absolute power to redirect that country until the World stands at attention and marvel. I have to trust that my Sovereign God has a plan. The Bible say, with man that is impossible. But with God nothing shall be impossible. God will raise up a cadre of visionary nation builders to buttress the few patriots already in the country. And thus began the steep climb back to the top.  Liberia shall rise.
I literally spent about ten hours today pondering, dissecting, and just plain ole thinking about Liberia. Lord have mercy! Lord have mercy! Lord fix it as only you can. Almighty God help us. In Jesus name we pray. ~~ HortenseInspiration

By the way, my friend, did you keep Third Watch tonight? Find your way to prayer. God is wide awake. I just left His face. I know I wear him out. But what else to do! He is all I know, my sovereign Lord God Almighty. Make Him yours too. Call...Pray.

~~Hortense Duarma Grimes

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Hi Morning Musings - Phillistine Roar

~~The roar of the heathen Philistine could not stop the hand of El Shaddai. GOD ALMIGHTY delivered Israel from the forces of every heathen nation. Goliath had heavy armour. David had a sling and few stones. DO YOU RECALL THE OUTCOME? Hallelujah!  If only Liberia would get ready with prayer and worship. IF ONLY you would become crazy for the move of God. IF ONLY you would find out how to get ready? IF ONLY you would repent and turn from your mockery of the Lord God Almighty. I am talking to you who think you are above God’s wrath. You who think you’ve got it like that and your sins are minor. You who believe that Liberia is great and everything is alright because it’s now your time to eat. Think again!
THINK AGAIN everyone.  When a nation decides to display heathen mentality, and relegate the one true living Almighty God to the bottom, that nation becomes the bottom. It is not about churches and mega churches everywhere. It is not about organized and institutional religion. It is not about oratory skilled clergy, prelates and pastors, or theological astuteness. It is not about prestige and portfolio and congregation size. If it were so, Liberia would be at the helm of nations globally. It is about the heart of the people becoming transformed by the message of the Gospel. It is about the nation going after the God who establishes nations. It is about national disdain for wickedness. It is about morality and value and heart. It is about good overcoming evil. It is about decency and godliness in character and behavior. It is about Godly examples in a culture of moral depravity.
You Descendants of Ham (Noah’s infamous son), it is the only the blood of Jesus that can remove the curse. Salvation can break the curse. Obedience to God can break the curse. You might say, ”But Other Countries do not worship God and yet they are prosperous, look at them.” Hear me. When you are operating under a curse, it must be removed and broken before the accursed, you, can prosper. This is why you must turn to God. Jehovah alone can reverse the curse. Operating in sin and abomination to God will not turn God’s hand in your favor. Repentance can. Repentance will turn God’s hand for you.
While you take stock, be reminded to apply the principles of Christ. Those include, goodness, kindness, truthfulness, honesty, fairness, justice, respect for human dignity, fear of God and reverence of sacred spaces. God is the top, and without placing the Lord God first you remain at the bottom.” Servant Hortense ~~
(Founder, Do It For Christ Ministries)

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

In Your Folly

THIS IS DEEP. This is DEEP. (I am only a servant messenger of the living God, enlightened by the Holy Spirit. Bringing a word for such a time as this. Word 2-19-2019 @5:13 a.m. ~Hortense D. Grimes).  #RenconcileLiberia  #RaisetheBar

“Diaspora Liberia. You, Forerunners to the chaotic progressives. Most of you are today residing in the Western Diaspora, seeking a life of comfort. Yesterday in Liberia, you were experts in rhetoric, printers of leaflets, distributors of phamplets, organizers, and participants in street parades and marches. You operated under the disguise of university student activists, demonstrating fool heartedly against a God ordained regime.
You must speak out to God about the sin of your rebellion. Repent of that iniquity. Ask for forgiveness in the name of Jesus Christ. The Blood Cry has mentioned your name. You bear the stains and the stench. You must repent and ask Lord God Almighty to wipe away your sin and iniquity in rising up against a destiny. Your actions too caused the shed of innocent blood. You may not have planned the coup or incited the rebel-activity civil war. However, you did invite unwanted bloody intervention. You did herald unnecessary rebellion. Unintentionally or otherwise, you were the first to scout out mass graves for your own fathers.
Diaspora Liberia. Those of you, children of the elite, many whom were descendants of the founding fathers, displayed arrogance and foolishness because you believed you were untouchable. You were experimenting with theory, using your intellectualism to fan flames of violence, albeit not intending a violent outcome. Your actions then, equally, are responsible for the Blood Cry today. Repent. The Blood Cry increases over the land. It must be avenged by Jehovah the Judge of all the earth. The innocent blood cry emitting from the land has mentioned you. Every transgressor must seek pardon from the Lord God Almighty Jehovah God.
Diaspora Liberia . If you are one of them, the protégés of the then ruling establishment, who marched and demonstrated, taking advantage of your learnedness, defying and confident that President Tolbert would not handle you like the renegade you were becoming, you must repent of your past folly and misdeeds. Repent of your transgression. Your wickedness was forerunner to the child soldier mentality. What the rebel child soldier did in wigs and fanciful robes, you did with pen and ink and flamboyance. You, too, failed your heritage. You cursed your ancestors. In your ignorance, arrogance, and pomp, you destabilized an establishment. You orchestrated an ill for which you had no remedy. You are no different than rebel child soldiers. Your little knowledge drugged you. Your radicalism sowed seeds of violence. Repent for the Blood Cry has mentioned you and your deeds.
The nation languishes in travail. And the innocent blood cry out. Repent of your iniquity. Ask God to remove your sin and forgive your transgression. That the Heavenly Father, Almighty God, would atone the Blood Cry.
Diaspora Liberia. You who fit this category, do the work of seeking forgiveness and repentance for the acts you committed. The Blood Cry has mentioned you and your specific deed. Petition Almighty God that you would be cleansed and released. Deliverance will come.”

~~Almighty God have mercy on the Republic of Liberia. Forgive our sins and heal the land. We humbly beseech thee, with thanksgiving, in the name of Jesus Christ our Redeemer. Amen. ~~HortenseInspiration

Blessings and peace
Servant Hortense Grimes, Do It For Christ Ministry

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Hast Thou Inquired of the Lord God

DIASPORA LIBERIA. Hast thou inquired of the Lord? Inquire ye of the Lord God Almighty.
“By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down. Yeah we wept when we remembered Zion.” (Psalm 137:1)
Diaspora Liberia. Dost thou know Zion? Hast thou asked of Zion?
Diaspora Liberia. Heaps of shame. Twice rejected.
Diaspora Liberia. Has thou sought Zion?

Diaspora Liberia. Inquire ye of the Lord, “Show me my transgressions, O Lord God.”
Diaspora Liberia. Seek Zion that you may find deliverance.
Diaspora Liberia. Would that you perish in exile?
Diaspora Liberia. Desolation awaits. Woe to you who return carrying your heathen idols back to an unrepentant heathen nation.
Diaspora Liberia. Are you different?
Diaspora Liberia. Hast thou remembered Zion?
Diaspora Liberia. Singing sweet songs of Zion from a bitter heart, deceitful tongue, vile spirit, evil smell. All the while shouting, “The Lord our God.” Dost thou know Zion!
Diaspora Liberia. Clinging to worthless idols and unknown objects.

Diaspora Liberia. Inquire of the Lord, “Show me my transgressions, O Lord God.”
Oh, that you would repent in sackcloth and ashes. Oh, that your hearts would turn to honor the name of the Lord God Almighty. Hast thou inquired of the Lord, “Show me my transgressions, O Lord God.”
END OF WORD. Wednesday, February 13, 2019 @ 6:05 a.m.
(Servant Hortense D. Grimes, Do It For Christ Ministries)

~It is by grace, and the finished work of salvation alone, that gives any hopes of being brought to a place of rest in God. Christ alone is that Grace and our Salvation. Salvation purchased your redemption which brought forgiveness of sin. Salvation comes by no other name except the name of Jesus Christ.  

NOTE. Prophetic Word/Message (“Word”) must test and align with Scripture and the teachings of the Bible. The recipient should seek the face of Almighty God so that the Lord, Jesus Christ, would confirm, explain, teach, further instruct, and reveal just what His purpose is by the given message. Pray for godly wisdom in deciphering the prophetic word. If need be, feel free to reach out for spiritual guidance and prayer partnering. Any manner in which we at “Do It For Christ Ministries” can be of help, I will gladly do in the name of Jesus. Follow our extensive Internet and social media presence for additional spiritual companionship in your daily walk. –Servant Hortense

Friday, February 1, 2019

Perplexed, Help Me Understand

HORTENSEInspiration~ I Just don’t get it. Help me understand this.
Most Liberians do not want non-negroes as citizens. Most Liberians cannot tolerate Lebanese, Indians, and other nationals who consider themselves Liberians and have no desire to reside elsewhere; they have lived here for generations. Most Liberians hate that Lebanese are doing big businesses in Liberia and are the majority significant business owners.
As a reward for the hatred and scorn often dished out Liberia gets rewarded grandly. In return Senegalese. In return Nigerians. In return Ghanaians. In return Guineans. In return Malians. In return Burkinabes. And more. All of these “of negro descent” are invited and encouraged to come and do business and enjoy Liberia. Most Liberians know these fellow Africans have no heart or good intention for Liberia. My grandmother, Bigma, always reminded me, “...You want all You lose all.”  Be sensible in your wanting. Make fair analysis. Use good judgment. Do we really know what we want? Don’t you think we need an ally? I think we most certainly do. The devil you know is better than...
I believe 1000% that if Liberia becomes more open and receptive to the Lebanese and non-negro foreign nationals living in the country we would not need to be worrying about Burkina Faso loans and borrowed jet planes, Senegal fishing permits, Ghana millionaire investors, Guinea bitter-balls and pepper, Nigerian poultry farms and cement. #ReconcileLiberia #ChangingtheNarratives #RaisetheBar
The helpers Liberia needs are already in Liberia. Adjust their status and grant them residency, creating a path to full citizenship for Lebanese and other non-negro nationals who were born in Liberia or have resided continuously for decades. Grant Permanent Residency (Green Card) and Citizenship. The same benefits you petition, parade and fiercely advocate for in predominately non-negro countries in the western world. It is the right thing to do. Stop the fear tactics.
If I had a say, I’d ask you to take off the harmful blinders. Those people will not take all the land. Those people have been here way long before the new Asian demi-gods of today. If you see what I see, the land is already being taken by this new wave of non-negroes who really could care less about your national wellbeing. Besides, God does not like ugly. God abhors ingratitude. I think it is a sad day; it’s becoming a sad day everyday for the Republic. Lord have mercy. Open the eyes of the blind, God Almighty, that we may see differently. Me my part I have passed the stage of too much plenty talking for selfish interest. So should you. To Whom It May Concern ~~HortenseInspiration

Blessings and peace,
Hortense D. Grimes