Saturday, May 23, 2020

Day Weave In Night Weave Out

Wonderful world. Beautiful people. I pray you are enjoying a marvelous weekend. I’m thinking of you and wanted to write you a letter. Again. I realize the ton of material I’ve written to bless humanity cannot just wait dormant. I’ve got to share it and tell it and write it and say it and speak it and let the seeds germinate. While I wait, expectantly, for a publisher to discover the gem in my work and sign me on to write marvelous books. While I wait, for that Network executive to realize there is an audience for faith-based inspirational content, prompting them to place orders for scripts. While I wait, for the day I will sign on the dotted line on a contract to bring unique motivation to your television screen and deliver awesome programming. While I wait, best of all, to someday own a communications station broadcasting globally, catering especially to my African people, who need all the upliftment and empowerment they could get. Ahh… my friend. One day my heavenly father, the impeccable Creator, will blow my mind and these “big big” dreams he has placed in me will become loud reality. I promise to share with you then as I’m doing now. Me and You in this thing for the duration.
Meanwhile, I keep publishing on this HIBlog to bring a ray of sunshine to your space. Never mind I will have to “go there” sometimes. Talk about things you’d like to hear about. Talk about things you’d rather not know about. Push you to discover the better version of yourself—the version found in Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Glory! The version that sin often sneaks in to harass and then shade you afterwards. Whatever the topic, I’ll always publish something for you. Know beyond a shadow of a doubt I love you with a sisterly love. My wish is for you to live the abundantly happy life Christ has made possible for you.
My greatest joy comes from making others happy. If my writing can change your countenance every so often, then gladly will I always deliver, free of charge, reading material to the beautiful people of the world. God said we are to love, share and be one another’s keeper. Besides, it’s like my heavenly father has drilled a bottomless well in my spirit and filled it deeply. The more I write the more I want to write. The more I determine ways to capture creatively the message of the Jesus-gospel the more the Holy Spirits teaches me expressions—things to say and ways to say it, etcetera, etcetera. Hallelujah!
The article below was written one mid-morning in 2014 while the troubles of this world thought it could frustrate me. As always, I felt joyful and blessed to see another day. I recall it was then two weeks before I would finally lose my gorgeous home. Medical issues had brought on disability for several years and disrupted my livelihood. All negotiations and other efforts had failed and I would soon have to give up the house to the Bank. If I may note here, the complex, crazy-laborious procedures of Loan Modification exhausted me and I had had it up to my wit's end. That process was something else to endure... the main people who benefited from that “for the most part 419 scheme” was the fax machines. What! That’s a whole different story for another day. All said and done, I wasn’t looking forward to the coming weeks. Who wants to be “technically” homeless! Lord have mercy. Anyway! All this is long since behind me. Glory! Glory! But this one thing I knew: Heaven and earth may pass away but my God shall see me through. Jesus would make a way, of that I was certain. Somehow. And by golly! God did it. I am still here. Aren’t I? Certainly. Hallelujah! 
Let me tell you another juice from the losing-my-home saga. On the day of turning over the keys to the Bank’s realtor, I won a soul to rededicate her life to Christ. Here’s how it happened. I asked the lady if she’d like to join me in prayer. She timidly said okay. I began to pray and profusely thank God again for giving me the chance to live in a house many could only dream of. I prayed for the next owner who would occupy that gorgeous residence. I prayed that the realtor would quickly sell it so she could get the commission. (She’d earlier shared with me being unable to sell properties in her real estate portfolio and was in financial straits from lack of commission income.) I praised and glorified the Lord for every circumstance that had brought me to that stage in my life. The prayer ended. I had no crying left in me that day, but the realtor cried her eyes out. She said tearfully to me, “I have never met anyone like you. How can you be losing so much and still pray to God like this? I've never seen this before. Where do you get such strong faith?” She continued, “I believed in the Lord as a child, but I've stopped. You have made me return to trusting God.” 
Did you hear what I just narrated to you? My friend. My heart somersaulted. Hallelujah! Now you tell me was it a winning situation or what? Dare I say. JESUS. Yessss!!!
Okay, let me get back to the main story. My two passions in life are prayer and helping hurting people. It is my constant prayer that God would use me daily to always help make someone feel better and let in a ray of bright light during the many seasons of life. An old Christian chorus we sang at Revival in Liberia goes like this: “Let Jesus fix it for you, for he knows just what to do; And when you pray, let him have his way; Let Jesus fix it for you.” Amen.
My friend, we feed off one another. I know the times are dreary for most people. I know it can be tiresome staying indoors as day and night weave in and out. Do me a favor, stay strong. Be well, remain calm and watch this nightmare end. You will soon return to the normal way of life. Or you will return to the new normal God has in store for you. In closing, be reminded the article below was written during one of the worst periods of my life. My song refused to die then or now and my God is forever glorified. I wish you same. Oh how I wish you the same ever living song! ~Hortense *

*Writing includes local African vernacular

Good morning, My Friend. What a joyous morning. I looked out to find that flawless stream of light is the sun shining brightly through the window! I looked up at the gorgeous blue sky flawlessly speckled with the most breathtaking white clouds. I revel in my belief that I am gazing at the flowing bottom of God’s long white robe billowing down from the majestic heavenly Throne where my Heavenly Father is seated. The Throne from where my father, The King of Heaven and Earth, sits timelessly to watch and rule and orchestrate the events of my life. And your life, too.
I get excited that my Father knows all about me. And you, too. I get super-excited that I am in such exceptional, perfect hands. Oh! I feel an adrenaline rush that the merry sunshine was released this morning to brighten my day and keep me warm. And you, too! I do not have to shudder from the events of life; regardless what today plans for me. I am not fazed by whatever life have in store for me today. I’ve got Jesus! I am enveloped by The Lord and surrounded by the splendor of God’s handiwork—creation. And you are, too! I am thrilled when I consider that my Father, the Almighty God, has put me in charge of everything He created in this earth. And you are, too. Oh! I am excited about today. I excitedly look forward to today. What about you?
I walked away from the window and began my Prayer Time and Devotion. My Bible reading was from the Book of the prophet Jeremiah. A particular Scripture verse kept standing out. I want to share it with you. My friend, you truly have no cares. Be committed to God. When you wake up in the morning, pledge to be excited about Jesus. Before the day even presents its agenda for you choose that your answer will be, “Yes Lord, I say Yes to Your Name.” You are the reason for everything God does. God does it all so that you would reflect HIS GLORY. God sets life in motion so that you would be made perfect for Him. God permits life events to come your way so that you would sift through it and shed “your flesh” to focus on living forever, in eternity, with Him. God allows life to happen to you so that you would grow under His bright love. Just like a sunflower. God allows life to happen around you so that you would recall Just Who Your Father Is. So that you would respect that God is Jehovah Sabaoth. That same God is Jehovah Shalom.
You must stand firm in this life. God put you in control of everything He made. God made life. You are in charge of everything God created. And God created everything. The Lord has authority over everything. Speak to life. Tell life “In the Name of Jesus! My friend, just a little while longer and you would be where the sun rays originate from. You would not need to gaze at the clouds. You would be standing in the very presence of Him who sits on The Throne! You would be warm forever by The SON rays that never stop beaming.
Here is God’s WORD: “If you have raced with men on foot and they have worn you out, how can you compete with horses? If you stumble in safe country, how will you manage in the thickets by the Jordan?” (Jeremiah 12:5 Holy Bible NIV)
I say to you, “In the name of Jesus go out and face life today!"

~HortenseInspiration (DO IT FOR CHRIST)

 Blessings and Peace,
Hortense Duarma Grimes
Servant of the Living God
Founder, Do It For Christ Ministries
Creator, HortenseInspiration Media
Dreambearer & Dreamcarrier, Solace Africa

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