Monday, May 25, 2020

We Remember You Were Here

Welcome Memorial Day USA. A day officially set aside to honor the memory of loved ones whose lives have ceased from this earth. Today, a nation honors the memory of parents, children, sons, daughters, grandparents, grandchildren, siblings, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, relatives, friends, associates, colleagues, and people we once knew who no longer walk with us. Their physical bodies have taken flight to eternity. Their spirits hushed from the earth. Their memories stored forever in our hearts.
Memorial Day! America’s national reminder that death is inevitable for every single person, at some point in time. A day often reminisced with warmth-laughter around a soft teardrop. The depth of sorrow often fades with time. Joy lingers forever. When the wreaths are laid and the tombstones are cleaned we return to living the life we know.
While today might be celebrated a bit differently than past years. It is still the Weekend which heralds the beginning of Summer time. There come the celebrations. The announcement of endless fun times, bright sunny temperature, beach wear, tank tops and flip flops. Party time, weddings and celebrations, festivities, and the whole nine yards. The times may seem different but the season’s signal is the same. Today as you remember loved ones gone, keep hope present and burning in your hearts. As long as you are alive there is assurance that circumstances will change and change for the better. Make Jesus your anchor. Pray away the sad reminders whatever they be. Hold on to the laughter however small the grin.
My friend, life is a physical journey mortals make on their way back to God the Heavenly Father. Our time of being on earth is a transitory period. We each leave a memorial track every day. Live well. 
May I share with you, below, excerpts from an article I wrote commemorating Memorial Day several years ago. I love you with a sisterly love. 

Dear world. Please hear me: Jehovah God is Sovereign! The grave has swallowed a body. The Heavens have received a soul. The soul in Christ shall live forever. Do not focus on the circumstances around you however great or lesser they may be. Establish that the Lord is a promise keeper. Acknowledge that one can count on the Lord God. Recognize that God is faithful. It is never a mistake to put all your trust and confidence in the Jesus Christ. Realize that to be a Christian is indeed a blessing! Almighty God knows what he is saying when he says come to him. My friend, analyze your life daily and make sure each day brings you a bit closer to God. Let every 24 hour-period bring you nearer to Christ the Solid Rock. Scripture tells us God is perfect, his way is perfect, and he is a shield for all those who trust in him. Psalm 18:30 is one of my favorite Bible verses.
As you celebrate with picnics and burgers and fun and laughter throughout this weekend! Remember that someone’s precious life was cut short trying to give you the privilege of enjoying the freedom we have today. Someone fought that you would be free to spread your picnic baskets wherever you chose, grill whichever kind of meat you choose, tell jokes however you want to, and laugh as loudly as feel like. Today we remember the men and women who give their all fighting for freedom and justice for all.
In Blessed Memory of those who have gone on before. Collectively, we remember beloved loved ones who no longer walk these earthly streets. We pause to light a candle honoring their memory. We could all agree, each of us is a better person today, because someone took the time to “parent” you, one way or another. They loved us, nurtured us, birthed us, groomed us, cared for us, educated us, steered us, bettered our lives, and made countless other sacrifices for us. But for that dear one of blessed memory, we wouldn’t be the women and men we are. In their memory we who are left on this earth, collectively, light this candle. May their Rest in Eternity be good.

~HortenseInspiration (DO IT FOR CHRIST)

Blessings and Peace,
Hortense Duarma Grimes
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