Monday, May 18, 2020

Evening Thoughts Black-Styled

Hello people.  Earlier tonight I was preparing for ending the day and shifting to Night Watch prayer time. I had turned briefly to make a few related Facebook postings and quick update on my timeline. Without effort my brain began shifting to thoughts of my black people. The people who all share the same skin color and race as I. Black people everywhere, this post is about you.  Soon after I had noted those thoughts and quickly written a posting, I said to myself "I think this is something for the Blog as well.” Please Read. Let me know your thoughts, not by replying me but by your taking action to economically elevate you, so that going forward you are no longer assumed to be inferior.  Below are my thoughts from earlier tonight. ~Servant Hortense

HORTENSE Late Night Musings... 
I hesitate to post this raw as it is in my thoughts real time. This has just now dropped in my spirit and keeps bringing itself to the front of my mind. So here we go...from my head to your head:
When this “Coronavirus-Pandemic-Lockdown” is over BLACK people must begin immediately working smart and extremely hard to bring economic capacity to ourselves so that we can be taken seriously once and for all. Use this quarantine period of inactivity to stimulate your thoughts on avenues and routes that elevate you from the position of “assumed” inferiority to equal status and superior recognition. It is in the economics, my friend! 
Be at the table when the giants meet to discuss. Be at the table when the giants lay out the plans. Be at the table when the giants enforce the agenda. THE ECONOMIC TABLE. Look for it. Find it. Assert yourself there. There, the place of economic equality.
If Black people want to be taken seriously we have got to assert ourselves economically. Think and Do. Strategize your game until you are in charge of where you find yourself. Finally put it in God’s hand to show you creative ways out of the financial and economic bondage. Pray and Focus. God did it with Negro Spirituals for the slaves. God can do it for you. First of all the streets of Heaven are paved with gold. God is in the financial business. 

~HortenseInspiration (DO IT FOR CHRIST)

Blessings and Peace,
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