Friday, May 22, 2020

Parasite Begone

Good evening beautiful people. I pray you are well and staying strong. Continue in prayer. Pray to Almighty God in the name of Jesus Christ. Sometimes we stand in the path and block our own blessings. One way is by living and behaving contrary to God’s standards. We grieve the spirit of God when we fall short of his way. But there is help from God and all is not lost. Glory!
My friend. Get rid of sin and filth and stain and grime; things that have caulked your soul. Sin is an insurmountable barrier between your prayer and God’s ear. Only Christ can remove that barrier. Ask Jesus to fix you. Say a prayer and request the Lord to come in and forgive your sins, clean out the filth, cleanse the stains, and remove the grime from your life. It’s that simple. Christ the Savior of the world died on The Cross to purchase freedom and redemption for you. When it comes to being special in God’s eyes you are it. Hallelujah!
Almighty God is the supreme ruler of heaven and earth. There has never been a time when God the Creator appointed man his advisor. Yes, God talks to man. God the Holy Spirit speaks to man the created being. God may keep conversations with a person who has a relationship with him. There will never be a time when man will overrule the authority of God. God Almighty can never ever ask mortal man to stamp their approval before his will can be carried out. It is impossible for the Creator to rely on the creature to run creation. Jehovah God is vast—eternal—before time—after time—INFINITE. You and I are but a mere dew drop, a dust particle. Here today dead tomorrow. God Almighty is INDESTRUCTIBLE. God has the final say. He is Jehovah.
The God of heaven and earth is sovereign. He gives us free will to choose and God accepts our choices. God gets angry at our sin, but shows us great mercies when we repent of sin. Almighty God graciously gives us grace to find our way back to him. Our father God loves us all the way back to him through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The Heavenly Father is generous to restore mankind from where sin dumps us off. 
The unending grace and unlimited mercies of a loving God should not imply that mankind could manipulate God to behave and perform like mortals do. On your best day you do not belong in the fold of a perfect God, but for Jesus. Oh wretched sinful humans that we are! Who could stand before a holy and perfect God? We could never substitute a pure, righteous, without blemish, excellent Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent God. Even so Lord Jesus…Hallelujah!
Jesus, the one who perfects mankind! Make repentance your foreword and prayer your first chapter. Hallelujah! We can pray. God can move his hand for mankind. Jehovah God can shake the heavens and command adverse powers to cease operation. When we pray and trust God for his divine intervention, God will move for mankind. When we believe we shall see God’s glory and majesty manifested in the grave circumstances of life. Even so, with the turbulent times in our world today. 
I could never say this enough to you: We just have to pray this menace, pestilence, plague, evil disruption called Coronavirus-COVID19 away from the earth. You have the power to deactivate this parasitic RNA that has run amok around the globe. Set your trigger by prayer.

I guess all I am saying is this: You and I had better get serious and committed about prayer. Finite, limited minds that we are… LET US PRAY MORE. Therein lies the breakthrough we are expecting worldwide.
Have a wonderful day and a joyous weekend. I love you with a sisterly love.

P.S. By the way, my friend, have you accepted Jesus Christ into your life as Lord and Savior? If you have not, you are headed straight to Hell on a nonstop flight to spend eternity with wicked Satan and his hideous demons. God desires exceedingly more than that for you. I personally wish you would reconsider and place your life in Jesus hand. Place your faith in Christ. Whoever you are, whatever you may have done or haven’t done, however your life may look like; there is absolutely nothing that you could do that would make God to reject you. You are loved unconditionally by your Creator. Almighty God desires all of you which include all the rights you do and all the wrongs you do. That’s why Jesus is the Salvation plan. Pray and believe the Son of God who gave his life for you.
~HortenseInspiration (DO IT FOR CHRIST)

Blessings and Peace,
Hortense Duarma Grimes
Servant of the Living God
Founder, Do It For Christ Ministries
Creator, HortenseInspiration Media
Dreambearer & Dreamcarrier, Solace Africa

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